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MyHeritage - Family tree, DNA & ancestry search apk

Download MyHeritage - Family tree, DNA & ancestry search apk for free.

MyHeritage - Family tree, DNA & ancestry search apk icon

MyHeritage - Family tree, DNA & ancestry search

Build your family tree on the go - MyHeritage genealogy puts your family history right at your fingertips.

Explore your roots, find new relatives, and make amazing discoveries. Join our community of 80 million users and build your family tree -- it’s easy and intuitive.

Build Your Family Tree

Add your parents, grandparents, and other relatives to grow your family tree on the MyHeritage app. Discover and treasure your ancestors’ stories by building a family tree you’ll want to share and preserve for generations to come.

Research your family history with MyHeritage’s award-winning products, all private and secure. Sync between them and enjoy a captivating journey to your past, wherever you are.

Make Instant family history Discoveries

With over 1.5 billion profiles added by our users, MyHeritage can easily match your information against others’ to provide you with meaningful new information about your ancestors. Discover new relatives and enrich the details of your family story with:

✔Smart Matches™: our unique technology that connects family trees and links between profiles to help you discover new relatives.
✔Record Matches: a powerful tool for connecting global Historical Records and documents to people in your family tree.

MyHeritage DNA
Locked inside your DNA is your unique ethnic makeup, the history of your ancestors, and a web of close and distant relatives waiting to be found. With a quick swab of your cheek, the test determines your ethnic origins and finds your relatives.

Find People and Records with SuperSearch™

SuperSearch™ is MyHeritage's advanced historical record and people search engine. Use SuperSearch™ to find people and explore over 6 billion documents in historical archives. Search genealogy records including vital records (birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates) war & army records, old newspapers, census records, court records, adoption records, yearbooks, obituaries, cemetery records and more. Extract key details about your ancestors from documents to their profiles on your family tree.

Add and share photos to enrich your family history

Capture and share your family memories, old and new. Preserve your family photos with the MyHeritage app and savor meaningful family moments. Bring genealogy to life and tell a richer story with easy-to-add photos the whole family will love.

Empowered Genealogy Across Devices

MyHeritage is a cross-platform genealogy experience. Log in to the MyHeritage app and sync your family tree and photos to enjoy MyHeritage from your tablet , web, or Family Tree Builder -- MyHeritages' desktop software.

Uncover your family history. Install the MyHeritage app now.

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Theodore Jaskolski

I can't believe how easy it was to locate my mother's ancestors on My Heritage. I spent hours on Ancestry and couldn't find anyone. Here they go back to the 1700's in Europe. Elated! So pleased with the number of ancestors I have found in Croatia.

Ms. Gerry Rowe

The App is OK but the service is horrible. Was offered a 4 week delivery but it's been over 10 weeks and not yet received results. First I was told there was an upgrade in their system, 2nd that there was a delay, 3rd that one sample was not good . . . not sure they are very reliable.

Weldon Sipes II

DATA BREACH? \"In October 2017, MyHeritage's database was allegedly breached. Even if you don't use your MyHeritage account anymore, it's important to protect any info that was exposed.\" - Credit Karma

Adolf Buckridge

Easy to use but problems with entering street names for google maps. Have contacted support but they have no solution to the problem. Otherwise, best family tree software I've found.

Alexandrine Johnston

I have found out that one of my ancestors is from one of the first families of Virginia in the early 1600s and even though my grandma migrated to the US in the early 1900s from Scotland where her family's lived for 500 years, that we are in fact not Scotts but instead british Irish.

Mr. Kennith Yost III

hmmm I happy with this app easy to read, takes 2 1/2 months to get results back....your results are not perfect or precise buy the exact location of Heratiage but it does give you an insight of where

Jewell Kassulke

Very interesting. Really easy to use.Found lots of information \u0026 record matches. The only problem I had,was it wouldn't let you print the records.

Mr. Ed Jones DDS

Awful - I have been trying for days to cancel my subscription. I was hit with a charge of $260. No one at MyHeritage is replying to my emails except to resend my ticket number. I received no email notifying me that my subscription was being renewed and they charged me for a premium subscription. I want my subscription canceled and my money back. MyHeritage is refusing to contact me except for these unhelpful emails. I guess I will have to go through the Better Business Bureau.

Dr. Omari Mosciski

I was a little disappointed that after typing in the correct name and DOB that it didn't filter to the correct subject. Can your office contact me as I cant seem to cancel my 14 day free subsciption after following all the prompts. I can see that other people have cancelled in the past but were still charged. I hope this doesnt happen to me. I look forward to your reply or I will go to consumer affairs and lodge a complaint. Thank you

Prof. Wallace Heller Sr.

Awful. i had a perfect family tree up and running. i entered my sons name and it took me to a consent page. I clicked all the boxes but it says enter a valid email address. I keep typing in the email i use for my heritage but comes up invalid, as does every other email i use. If i click on i am over 18 it skips the contact number and takes me back to the consent screen.