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Yellow, a puzzle game for you!
Can you make the screen yellow in all 50 levels?

Each level has its own logic.

A Bart Bonte / bontegames puzzle game.

Editor's Note

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Ofelia Leffler I

Just completed Yellow. Once again, a nicely designed game. It is so unique yet simple enough to understand. It is good that there are hints or else some levels would be a little tough to understand. It is a logical game and not some guesswork or trial and error based one.

Ms. Antonina Nolan III

Brilliant game. Excellent design. Only thing that I hate is that every time I hit hint, the hint comes in after the ad, which takes away from the gameplay. Understandable, but slightly annoying. Would do great to place ads more strategically.

Charity Tremblay

We love you, Bart Bonte !! Your genius puzzles are so very entertaining! There's others out there that are straight ripoffs of your work (ie. open secret box) but they still can't compare! Keep em coming! 😎 Thank you!

Haylie Douglas

Another Fantastic Game! I played these fun puzzle games out of order, (Starting with black) and they're masterfully done. The music is so relaxing, the game is challenging and fun! I am almost done with red as well and Bart has become one of my favorite app creators. 100% would recommend this to my friends or anyone who wants to give their brain a little nudge.

Salvador Turcotte

Great little puzzle game that never fails to entertain. Love the simplistic art style and outside the box controls. Downloading red as we speak. A little stuck on level 40 but I'll get it in the end. Only slight issue is that with a limited number of missions the game does lack some replay value. Still five starts though!

Kamille Wisoky

It is a great game! It is mind boggling, and my favourite colour too! When you finish a level you are stuck on, you feel so accomplished and at the same time, it feels so obvious! I love it! Also, Bart, I really need help on level 39. It is so hard.

Zack Skiles

I originally started with Black, then Red and finished with Yellow and each one was as amazing as the other, I really reccomend all there games. Good puzzles, interesting and just overall amazing. Cant wait for the next colour!!

Jay Stroman

Level 12 doesn't work on OnePlus 6T. I even looked up how tos and confirmed I was doing it right, something is messed up with the games respect of the sensors so it keeps behaving like I'm holding down the button even though I've released.

Reese Gutmann

I love this game! such a simple concept, yet challenging. Absolutely BRILLIANT! I've completed both Black AND Yellow now. Red was to stressful. Too difficult of a color to be staring at for too long.

Emely Bayer

after playing black, a four star puzzle game by the same person this is disappointing. the music is still good, but some of the puzzles have basically indication of what you are doing wrong. spoilers: there are several that involving holding something on 48 for example, where i know i tried releasong it, but it was incorrect untill after the hint told me to do it. i am not sayong that i think there was something fishy going on, i think that specific pizzle is jist way too finicky

  • Author
    Bart Bonte
  • Publish date
    Apr. 20, 2019
  • Latest version
  • Requirements
    Android 9 and above
  • File Size
  • Package Name
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