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Baby Breastfeeding Tracker. Newborn Baby Care App apk

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Baby Breastfeeding Tracker. Newborn Baby Care App apk icon

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker. Newborn Baby Care App

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    Apr. 20, 2019
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    Android 17 and above
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This App is a handy and reliable assistant for breastfeeding your newborn baby. You can track breastfeeding, bottle feeding, solid food feeding and milk pumping. You can save diaper changing, sleeping periods and the results of your baby's height and weight measurements.

With this breastfeeding tracker you can:
✔️ Track feeding by each breast or by both, if you give your baby two breasts at one feeding
✔️ Track bottle feeding
✔️ Fix solid food feeding - food and its amount
✔️ If you need to express your milk, you can fix how many ml/oz of each breast were pumped
✔️ Fixing diaper changing, you can note whether it is wet or dirty, or both :)
✔️ You always know how many diapers were changed per day
✔️ Record baths, temperatures, walks, and medications
✔️ Handy breastfeeding timer and sleeping timer are easy to stop and to restart
✔️ Your baby's height and weight can be measured almost daily! They are also easily stored in the baby diary.
✔️ You can add a reminder for each event - periodic and easy-to-set
✔️ Displays baby nursing and sleeping timers in the notification bar, so you have easy access to the App
✔️ Logging and tracking activity of several babies. Supports twins!

Being a FTM (first-time mom), or new mom, in general, is very tiring and challenging! You’ve probably just made it home from the hospital, are totally exhausted, and a little overwhelmed by your new responsibilities. In the first few months of your baby’s life, it really revolves around eating, sleeping, diaper changes and occasional little doctor’s visits.

It’s not always easy to remember the last time you fed your baby or changed their nappy. It’s very helpful to track everything and get a quick glance to remind you the last time you did it, or the next time you have to. It will definitely give you a peace of mind and make your day that much easier to have a log to check whenever needed.

It’s extremely important to track when you had your last feeding session, but also track the weight and how long they were eating to make sure they’re eating properly and gaining weight at a normal rate.

Also, keeping track of diapers is very imperative to keeping your baby healthy. All moms definitely need an easy way to check how often they’re changing diapers. Not to mention, you should definitely track if everything looks normal during diaper changes.

For some parents, it’s very important to track every ounce of food and keep track of all information. Some babies, unfortunately, have minor illnesses after coming home from the hospital. Keeping track of all this information will help your baby on the road to recovery much more seamlessly.

As a new mom, don’t forget to care for yourself as well. There will definitely be times you fall asleep on the couch suddenly, and everyone needs some help or handy reminders. Alarms and graphs are a great way to have an at-a-glance look at what you need to do without stressing over “what if I forget?”.

Just click the appropriate button at the beginning of the feeding and other activities. Your baby care history will be reliably stored. All this information may be useful when you visit the pediatrician, as well as for the further development of your child.

Feed baby easily and quickly. This breastfeeding app helps you track everything and enjoy motherhood.

Email us your comments and suggestions, and we'll implement them as soon as possible!

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  • 3 days ago Naheeda Luche


  • 3 days ago Angie W.

    This app is amazing!! Nursing moms get sleep deprived \u0026 tired and busy! This reminder app is amazing for dictators appts. When they ask how many wet diapers! Thank you so much.

  • 5 days ago Cassandra Ortiz

    it helped me a lot bc how I was so tired and couldn't remember times he ate or how long he was sleeping.

  • 5 days ago Yalizaimi Paola Colmenares

    Excelente / Excellent

  • 5 days ago Penny Holzbauer

    For new sleep deprived parents this app is a life saver. I only give it 4 stars because they only believe in whole increments for measurements. Makes it hard for tracking things properly.

  • 6 days ago Khushali Bhavsar

    very useful app..

  • 6 days ago Cristina Salgado

    I like it. Can't compare because I haven't tried other apps but this seemed like the easiest one to use since I just wanted something for breastfeeding.

  • 1 week ago Titi Nok

    Très pratique, tres bien fait ! je n'utilise pas toutes les fonctions mais cette application est très complète. Idéale pour rester on time pour les repas etc. Je recommande !

  • 1 week ago Suzana Z

    I use it to track feedings and how much milk i express. I like the app, though statistics is not very optimal. It does not sum up the quantity of milk that is expressed per day, which i am interested in as i want to follow if my supply is good enough. It adds though number of times i expressed into feeding quantities (but that is not really feeding isnt it?) which doesnt make sense and it is not informative

  • 1 week ago Adi Bondarov

    Grate app helps track the feeding