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Venom Watch Face & Clock Widget apk

Download Venom Watch Face & Clock Widget apk for free.

Venom Watch Face & Clock Widget apk icon

Venom Watch Face & Clock Widget

Venom Watch Face for Wear OS!

Don't have a Wear OS watch? You can still use this watch face as a clock widget on your mobile!

⛔️NOT FOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2 / GEAR S3 / GALAXY WATCH !! (running Tizen OS)⛔️
If you have one, do not install this application.
To find support and compatible applications with your watch, please go to

★ Features of Venom Watch Face ★

- Clock Widget (No second hand due to battery consumption)
- Choose design colors
- Define a secondary timezone for digital display
- Day & Month
- Watch battery
- Mobile battery
- Weather
- Daily step count
- Heartbeat frequency
- Unread SMS
- Unread Email from Gmail
- Missed calls
- Presets
- Complication (wear 2.0)

The settings of the watch face are located in the "Wear OS" app of your mobile.
Just hit the gear icon over the watch face preview and the settings screen will show up!

★ FREE Settings ★
- Choose design colors on watch & mobile
- Define heartbeat frequency refresh rate
- Define weather refresh rate
- Weather unit
- 12 / 24 hours mode
- Define interactive mode duration
- Choose to switch between small/big/translucent/opaque cards
- Choose the ambient mode b&w and eco luminosity
- Choose between 2 weather providers (Yr & OpenWeatherMap)
- Choose to display a leading zero on hours
- Display brand name or not
- Choose to display or not the seconds dots

★ PREMIUM Settings ★
- Choose your own title in place of "X-GEN"
- Switch between éco / simple b&w / full ambient mode
- Choose background among different styles
- Blend background with colors
- Define a secondary timezone for digital display
- Data:
+ Change the indicator to display on the 3 positions
+ Choose between up to 8 indicators
+ Complication (wear 2.0)
- Interactivity
+ Access to detailed data by touching a widget
+ Switch the displayed data by touching a widget
+ Change the shortcut to execute on the 4 positions
+ Choose your shortcut among all applications installed on your watch!
+ Choose to display the interactive areas
- Presets manager:
+ Save your preset with all its options (colors, backgrounds, data, features. EVERYTHING is saved!)
+ Load / delete one of your previously saved preset
+ Share / Import presets
- Define manual or automatic location

★ Installation ★
Watch Face
Wear OS 1.X
This watch face will be installed automatically from your phone paired.
If it doesn't show up please go to the Wear OS App > Settings and Resync all apps.
Wear OS 2.X
A notification will be displayed on your watch, right after your mobile installation. You just have to hit it to start the installation process of the watch face.
If the notification did not display for some reason, you can still install the watch face by using the Google Play Store available on your watch: just search the watch face by its name.

Mobile clock widget
Just long press on your launcher, then select the application widget to drop it on your home screen of your mobile.
Customize the widget settings with the application.

★ More watch faces

Visit my watch faces collection for Wear OS on the Play Store at

** If you have any issues or questions, fill free to contact me by email (English or French language) before giving a bad rating. Thanks!


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Jennifer Jenkins

Wow! This is amazing! I almost immediately bought the full version, seeing the tens of features. This is truly a watchface to rule them all.

Kassandra Jacobs

really like how i can change it to meet what i need for the day.

Sheldon Hessel

WARNING! I paid for this watch face to disable ads and yet it still bugs me with ads. You cannot disable them because this app automatically reeables the option \"Notify me when new watch face is out\" in its settings. If you don't believe me disable the option, close and the reopen the app and you'll see the option has been reenabled. However, you can disable the apps ads via Android's notification settings.

Giuseppe Ortiz

This is my third Thema watch face. The Thema faces always function properly and look amazing. Definitely the watch faces to choose for complements. The developer is great and quick to respond to any questions you have.

Dr. Domenic D'Amore

First off... I installed this one because I liked the look of it but there are plenty more to choose from in the play store from this dev, all look good to me and this one looks even better on the my Ticwatch Pro. Originally I had a few issues and emailed the dev but it was all sorted very quickly, Thomas is a very approachable dev. For a standalone watch face this is a very well finished app with all wear OS complications and a multitude of colour options. Well worth the pennies for premium👍

Ms. Elizabeth Herman V

I just wanna say, WHY is this free for literally everything else and cost money to get for the gear s2?

Raoul Mueller

If i could describe how much trouble this watch face has been I'd write an essay. Your watch face decided it would sit above every other system setting. I couldnt change it, then when i lost connection with my phone my watch was stuck in a perpetual freeze. Even after a physical reset i couldnt access my settings, apart from a curious 1 second window every so often. SO i sat for 25 minutes playing an RNG minigame to do a software system reset. Enjoy the croissants. You wont get any more.

Meta Parisian

Very happy with this watch face. I like the look and functionality. Would give 5 stars if there was a bit more I could customise. Specifically the font size.

Tina Medhurst

Love this face! Everything I need and totally customizable!

Dr. Americo Lowe I

One of the easiest and most customizable watch face apps out there. Well worth the price.