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Optical Illision Hipnotist apk

Download Optical Illision Hipnotist apk for free.

Optical Illision Hipnotist apk icon

Optical Illision Hipnotist

Best eye misbehavior.
In this application, you will have a visual to hypnotize you.
Look through the process as long as the images in this application are given.
Then try to look around.
It will hypnotize you as if everything is playing on the spot.
With this application, you will see different objects around you.
Pick a loop and start to hypnotize you with 3d sound effects.
With this application start to have fun.
Start experimenting with the hypnosis mode you want free of charge.
Eye delusion.
Optical illusion application.
After you have selected your vision, start looking at 25 cm.
Try to focus on the hypnosis in practice.
Best hypnosis practice with you.
Begin to mislead your eyes with this practice.
Eye delusion.
Try your friends magic.
Hypnate your friends.
Illision application.
In this application magic numbers are included.
Have fun.

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Gisselle Skiles

IT WAS AWESOME!! it made the walls seem like they where growing I showed it to my mom and she.looked.at the tv and said she felt sick. all in all it was great! 5 stars

Will Leannon

This does not work that well, I tried it, and it just didn't make my eyes blink. But, it did not make me hypnotized. So, I'm telling u to not install it. It is ok, bc at least it didn't make my eyes blink. But, I still think to NOT install it.

Francesco Oberbrunner V

it's cool the illusion only works when you don't blink and look in the middle of the screen so it makes it look as if the same pattern is being followed even after 30 seconds but there should be more illusions then there already are

Milan Nolan Jr.

amasing!! and you don't have to look on a blank wall, just look at anything! but it lasts very strong for a very litle time. but it makes me fill relacesd. so 5 stars!!! (sorry for the bad english, i am macedonian.)

Alexandra Hayes

When I go to get apps or games I always look at the comments first just to make sure. I thoug but it was gonna be bad but it is completely awsome, but I gotta say when it went black i thought there was gonna be a jump scare, I so so scare๐Ÿ˜‚

Reyna Smitham

7hggg going hey is the fhd these that ideas trurdyssjfmfjsjgdgkykf or are they still available and if so what time is good for you and I will be there at 6 and we can go from there but I will be on the way until we have a round of golf and then we can go to the store and get a good deal and we are going back in about a

Maud Kunze

I was on the 1st hypno icon and I watched it for 20 seconds and became dizzy and drousy.....then i FELL ASLEEP.....I woke up when the hypno was over 10 secs later!!!! LOL THIS THING ROCKS

Prof. Amanda Paucek

this is super cool!! i've always wanted an app like this but never found one. me and my brother had a blastbwith this app!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž

Lizzie Raynor

it sucks I have no white walls in my house but I will get it but I went to my friend's house look at a white wall after I did this and nothing happened what a waste of storage

Adrain Olson I

i look at my craitans they move i look at my bed it move . it so awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!