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WeNote - Color Notes, To-do, Reminders & Calendar apk

Download WeNote - Color Notes, To-do, Reminders & Calendar apk for free.

WeNote - Color Notes, To-do, Reminders & Calendar apk icon

WeNote - Color Notes, To-do, Reminders & Calendar

WeNote is simple and easy to use. You can create color notes, to-do lists, reminders and calendar quickly.

You can lock notes and to-do lists via PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint, to protect confidential information.

When you write down notes, emails, phone numbers, messages, cooking recipes, shopping lists and to-do lists, you will realize this is the simplest and most easy to use notepad on the planet. 😁

WeNote can work offline perfectly, even without Internet connection. No login required.

At this stage, WeNote is provided as free and no-ads, for best-in-class user experience purpose.

β€’ Create color notes and to-do lists
β€’ Organize using label and color
β€’ Pictures as attachment
β€’ Drawing and handwriting as attachment
β€’ Audio sound recording (Premium)
β€’ Lock notes and to-do lists via PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint
β€’ App locking via PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint
β€’ Completed to-do lists will move to bottom
β€’ 2 different font types
β€’ 3 different font sizes
β€’ 4 different themes. Roman coffee, Mine shaft, French rose, Dark
β€’ 5 different views
β€’ 6 different sorting modes
β€’ 12 colorize choices
β€’ Reminders and calendar
β€’ Support lunar calendar
β€’ Advanced reminder. Able to repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and highly customizable
β€’ Drag and move
β€’ Make a copy
β€’ Double tap to edit
β€’ Secure sync to Google Drive
β€’ Local backup and restore
β€’ Share note and attachment to email, SMS, social networking & messaging apps
β€’ Accept shared note and attachment from other apps
β€’ Switch between note and to-do lists, seamlessly
β€’ Quick search function
β€’ Sticky note home widget
β€’ Quick add home widget

β€’ Color: Unlimited colors for note, to-do list, label
β€’ Theme: 6 beautiful color themes - Cotton, Lavender, Lemon, Strawberry, Azure, Avocado
β€’ Recording: Unlimited number of audio recordings

We place heavy emphasis on data reliability. We provide 2 reliable ways, to ensure you will never loss any notes, to-do lists, attachments.

β€’ Secure sync to Google Drive: This is the most recommended way, to avoid data loss. After sync, the data is stored in Google Drive App Data folder. For security purpose, Google Drive App Data folder is not visible to user.

β€’ Local backup and restore: If you have privacy concern on storing the data in Google Drive, you may use this way to avoid data loss. The data will remain in your device, even after you uninstall WeNote.

Of course, you may choose to use both ways too.

We encourage you to read through privacy policy at https://wenote.me/privacy regarding our plan on alternative cloud storage.

Long press on desktop home screen, you may choose between Sticky note home widget and Quick add home widget.

WeNote's calendar does NOT sync with Google Calendar. WeNote's calendar works independently, without relying on Google Calendar.

Reminder doesn't work reliably for certain devices. Their over aggressive Battery management mode, have prevent reminder to work in background. Please turn off that "feature", allow WeNote runs in background, if you want reminder to work reliably.

Please read https://dontkillmyapp.com/?3 for solution.

First, you need to choose PIN, pattern or password as lock type. Fingerprint feature will available automatically, if you have configured fingerprint on your device. There will be a small fingerprint icon displayed on the top right of lock screen dialog.

Currently, auto sync only works well for single device. For multiple devices, you need to perform manual sync by tapping 'Tap to sync' in Settings. We will improve such limitation in the future.

Backup location is '/sdcard/com.yocto.wenote/backup'.

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Dr. Jett Towne

I found this app after GNote stopped working and erased all my notes. This app is better than GNote. I like the tab organization, it's easier to find specific information. I can attach pictures, lock the app, make checklists, and back everything up. It is still supported by the developer.

Geoffrey Homenick

I like this app a lot. I like the background color coding and the ability to color code the tabs. I like the simple, clean UI. The notifications are easy to see in my notification list. I like having option of notes or checklist format for items. Thanks to customer support for answering questions about how to manually re-order the tabs, and notes within a tab. Note: when you tap and hold a note, it gets a little checkmark but that just indicates it's highlighted for your next action. To check it off as done, you have to go to the three-dots menu. Minor complaint: because there is only a reminder time and not an event time AND reminder time, my alarm time-sorted notes move to the bottom if I don't deal with them when the alarm comes up, so that's a use case I have to figure out a better way to deal with.

Wellington Waelchi

So far so good! My main note app is another one which is very similar to this one, but now I will give chance to WeNote, because it looks well put and.. it has the Label/Folder option, which is something that helps me sort my pile of different topic's notes. UI is excellent! One thing to Note to the developers: Should I switch only to WeNote how do I transfer all of my other notes here ? I don't see an option like this.

Libby Pfeffer

Exactly the kind of reminder I need, but sometimes a reminder won't pop up apparently bc of a needed update - this app needs to update almost daily, so I need to manually update every day or my alarms might not go off. UPDATE 4/5/2019: Reminders stopped altogether \u0026 all the devs will do is say it's an \"aggressive battery management mode.\" I've told them repeatedly that I do not have that battery management mode selected on my phone, but they don't believe me. Uninstalling. Regret installing this

Montana Ebert III

A great note taking app that allows you to name different categories and color code these. You can also share and sync these with your Google drive. In addition, you can change the font, theme, and add reminders. All in all, a fantastic tool to help you stay organized!

Eusebio Streich

the more I use it, the more I love it...πŸ˜€ very useful notes App with sync and a good set of features. It's a job well done... πŸ‘ the layout is perfect, intuitive, easy, and flowing. the sync works really good, love the calendar integration and the powerful search ~~ you got a double 5 star rating ‼️

Edgardo Waelchi

really clear and simple but nice looking organiser. I would like more of the calendar feature to add an event that doesn't the come up on your 'to do' part, just as an extra! Works very well and simple to use. I like the personalisation too.

Enola Adams

This was everything I was looking for. A notes app that I could color code based on what type of note, a lock function that was specifically for one note and not the whole app, and one that allows me to add bullet points AND pictures.

Miles Kuhic

Best app ever ... Dont know what i would do if i didnt have this app to tell me when and where to be every day. And the best part is when im rushing to make that appt any documents or items i forgot to bring with me are already with my reminder. Koolest new way to unlock this app if you forget your password all the time like me.and anyone that try to unlock this app it takes a pic of for you to be aware of whos trying to get into your stuff. check it out!

Mr. Kaley West

I've enjoyed figuring WeNote out. I am not tech savvy \u0026 thankfully I havent had too difficult of a time trying to do anything that I've done. My needs are fairly basic, :) Thank you to the developers!