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Brain games | Memory games | Pairs: Remembery apk

Download Brain games | Memory games | Pairs: Remembery apk for free.

Brain games | Memory games | Pairs: Remembery apk icon

Brain games | Memory games | Pairs: Remembery

Brain games. Match pictures and find out how good is your memory! Pictures match games.

Train your memory, concentration, accuracy, attention, the speed of thinking and logic skills and much more. This game is a great way to exercise your memory and keep your brain fit!

✔ Play by making matches of pictures
✔ 5 brain games modes (classic memory games, adventure, remember all, timeout and with a limited number of moves)
✔ 12 difficulty levels: from 3x2 up to 8x12 cards
✔ Card packs with funny cats, food, fruits and vegetables, flags, shapes, letters, music, sport, attractions and numbers
✔ Simple and easy-to-master interface
✔ 3 themes at your option (dark, light, custom)
✔ Play brain games together with your family, kids and friends in multiplayer mode
✔ Leaderboards and achievements
✔ Small app size

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Uriah Treutel

This is a really good brain exercise game..It starts out easy and then it gradually increases the level of difficulty little by little..Love the music and the variety of the puzzles..True,there does appear to be a very large amount of ads,but I found that paying the 99 cents(plus tax)to eliminate the ads is worth it..I have a feeling that this will be one of my favorite games and that I will be playing it often...

Mrs. Sylvia McLaughlin I

CONTAINS VIRUS!!! Do not download. You will not able to do anything because this virus app display unskipable full screen ads that hijacks your phone every 30 seconds.

Dr. Guiseppe Hyatt

This game is fun, and keeps me engaged. I had thought once I had finished a level then that level was done with, however, I went back and tried playing one of the levels that I had already won, and I found that I can continue playing that level over and over. Yay!!! Each puzzle is different. I love it!!

Breanna Lang

This app is fun and instantly addicting!! I have had fun as I played just appreciating the unique, relaxing styke of the gameplay, and the zenlike focus that is brought out when I play. There are a few adds that pop up here and there, but they are not a nuisance, or a distraction.

Elliott Dach

rather addictive, won't go to next level unless i get 3 stars from the one im on, so had to retry a couple of times

Rhett Feil

i have been looking for a game that stretches your brain cells and it certainly does as it gets harder well done

Elnora Sawayn

I love memory games and this one is great! it changes up the way you remember and match from level to Level. keeps it fun and interesting... definitely a great time passer!! I most definitely recommend this game. download and try! you'll love it! 😁

Mabelle Gerhold

This game just remided me how unsettled my mind has become! I mean I am only 29 and have so much on my mind and this gane reminded me how much I need to stay focused. And am already addicted to it and am going to install it for my mom. Thank you so much🌹🌹🌹

Jaquan Ferry

Cool... great time killer. Never get tired of it. addictive.

Mr. Nasir Gottlieb

having fun with this so far. the higher ones are getting harder which is frustrating and good. need the brain workout.