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BabyTime (Parenting, Track & Analysis) apk

Download BabyTime (Parenting, Track & Analysis) apk for free.

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BabyTime (Parenting, Track & Analysis)

BabyTime is a high-tech app to record all aspects of your baby’s care with easy-to-use, no-nonsense interface. Track and chart your baby’s developmental milestones, special moments, growth, symptoms, nursing, feedings, sleep, diaper change, and hospital visits.

-Track breastfeeding, bottle feeding, solid intake, hospital visits, diaper changes, sleep, and more
-Record your baby’s height, weight, and head circumference and see them all in our growth chart.
-Take or upload pictures, write about special milestones and share to friends and to our Public Diaries
-Stopwatch, time your baby’s feeding, breast milk pumping, and sleep!
-Use MusicBox to put your baby to sleep!
-Sync and backup automatically. All you need to do is sign-in and all your data will be restored.
-Multiple Caregivers for your Baby: Sync with your spouse, nanny, or childcare provider and receive instant updates to give you a peace of mind even while you are at work.
-Support multiple children at once
-Reminders and Widget of your baby’s hunger, time since the last feeding, sleep, and diaper change, and the total amount your baby has eaten.

- Quick Memo, tired of typing out the same words over and over again? Add a Quick Memo have your words typed in just one tap

BabyTime is a must-have app that provides all the essential needs for new parents and is free to download and use.

Support: [email protected]

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Miss Savannah Kihn I

updated: the link worked and i was able to read them, thank you. However when clicking on the link in the app it just refreshed the same page, didn't change to English, i had tried that. thank you for the reply, i guess it's a bug but there were definitely a few things in there i was happy to be aware of. i still haven't updated the app so it might be fixed, not sure.

Dr. Miguel Mueller Jr.

Great compared to other apps. Love that my husband can sync with his phone. Clean app with tons of options. Improvements? 1. Need to add oz to weight 2. Time should be displayed in hours and minutes (vs. just minutes) for stats. 3. Option for 12hr clock vs 24 in some screens 4. Notifications of when to feed (vs setting alarm manually every time) 5. Options for different feeding intervals based on time of day 6. Ability to see stats since a certain time right away (helpful when doctors ask!)

Adela Beatty

I watch my grandson two days a week \u0026 this app is great for keeping everyone up to date on what is going on. No worries about when he ate or the last time he slept. I can check on how his day was the day before and likewise my daughter-in-law always knows what kind of day he had with me. It also allows you to add notes to everything so if something needs to be noted it's covered.

Mr. Hipolito West

Best baby tracking app, and I've tried almost everything available. This has been an absolute lifesaver as a new mother and I highly recommend it. 05/04/2019 Since my son began eating solids, I've found that it can be time consuming and repetitive to type up his meal descriptions. I thought a good secondary option might be a photo entry so I can see what he's eaten at a glance. I hope you may consider my suggestion. Thank you once again for your brilliant app! Peace be with you.

Mylene Mayert

good for tracking, has lots of options. Charts are helpful when they are working, but syncing errors are becoming more frequent, makes it hard to compare data. i thought these were being fixed, but does not appear to be the case.

Madonna Raynor

It's really helpful! So much that we rely on it all the time and stop counting the hours and time the traditional way. Love how it allows us to edit the time after when we have our hands full with the baby.

Brianne Hackett

Love this App but lately had some glitches. What is going on with the app? Some of the entries would not show on weekly pattern...

Aylin Gleason

Love this app!! I happily paid the $5 for my husband's app to sync to mine. Absolutely worth it. We record everything that happens and the Etc option let's me record the other things like first bath and so much more! One suggestion - instead of + or -.2, can we have .5? Having a half as an option would be much more useful than .2

Elbert Raynor

Great app, but c'mon guys. It's an app for tracking your kids sleep and feeding in the middle of the night. Let's get a night theme in here.

Prof. Lorena Oberbrunner DVM

smooth interface, can track and graph lots of metrics, no annoying ads. graphing various metrics could maybe be even easier but didnt take me long to figure out