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We are a company who values and appreciates the power of memory. ‘8Bit’ is applied to pay our tribute to the very first ever computing date units. ‘Do’ is used here to show our determination of being a reliable and trustworthy company to our partners and supportive users.
v Animated instructions
v Simple yet informative guidelines
v Easy operations
v TouchScreen Emulation

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Ms. Yadira Ankunding I

With 8Bitdo ZERO almost works perfectly BUT Sometime touchscreen emulation stop work. I need to reactivate this feature again. I missing manual mode for create touch profile because auto mode is not reliable. IU is not organized well. I need in app autodetect controller, test controller, map touch

Imelda Mayer PhD

Waste of time as-is. Controller is already paired but the app mostly can't find it. Did once manage to link the controller (no idea how) but button presses didn't correspond to the presses reported onscreen.

Harvey Thompson

any controller shim should allow you to remap buttons. it's like they are purposely reversed from standard button layout. until we can remap like the Windows or Linux version, this app is useless.

Prof. Ewald Ebert

Can not start it at all, keeps crashing before I could even get into it.

Evangeline Weissnat

Will not open, crashes

Weston Gerhold

Controller test function works, but that's all I'll give a positive for. Had numerous failures to have the app even operate as it kept crashing. Turned off my wifi data connection and it did not crash as I opened the app. So it crashes if connected to the internet. Not good.

Pattie Hill

It's a decent touch screen emulator which works if you follow the instructions. It would be good to make known to users that the script has to be run after every reboot to ensure touchscreen emulation works again. Also, it would be better to have multiple profiles for multiple games \u003d). Lastly, it would be better if touch emulation can work under low memory constraints (e.g when playing games with high memory usage).

Stacey Senger

I like the app but it's always crashing. constantly getting a notification multiple times per day that it crashed. I'm not even opening the app. tried redownloading the app after clearing cache and storage data for clean install but same outcome. also. people complaining about the buttons being reversed....that's always been the layout for nintendo....what's wrong with these people. pick up a snes controller anywhere and that's how it is

Miss Anabelle Feeney

great controller, horrible app, which defeats the point of owning a controller. have tried multiple times to run the touch screen emulation program and it does not work outside of the app itself. once i open a game, i cannot run the program, rendering the controller useless. customer service has also been nonexistent in helping this issue out. it is a shame because the controller itself is pretty cool, just no way to use it..

Aron Emmerich

[8bitdo FC30 Pro] [Galaxy Sol] This app did not do a other reviews have said like breaking controllers, it works alright the touchscreen emulation works but was a bit confusing to set up and I still can't get the save profile function to work. 8/10 recommended for anyone with the 8bitdo controller.