BabyAppy: formula feeding, sleep and diapers apk icon

BabyAppy: formula feeding, sleep and diapers apk

Download BabyAppy: formula feeding, sleep and diapers apk for free.

BabyAppy: formula feeding, sleep and diapers apk icon

BabyAppy: formula feeding, sleep and diapers

Easy to use baby tracker app for bottle-fed babies. Save info with just one tap!

Main features:
- bottle-feeding log;
- solid foods (complementary feeding) log;
- diapers change log;
- sleep tracker;
- daily and periodical statistics.

- support of several baby accounts;
- possibility to choose custom color styles for every account.

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Mrs. Katharina Rempel MD

Really good app, easy to use and records the important details that baby brain unfortunately does make so hard to remember. I use it mostly for milk and dirty nappies now. Would love to see a function to record medicine given eg calpol as it would all be in one place then, perhaps using a list of popular brands or even just types to choose from quickly and a dosage amount as well as the time. These 3am feeds are a killer on the brain! I used to use a notepad and pen and this is so much easier

Sonya Klocko III

This app is AMAZING!!! I recently had my first child and it has been so helpful in tracking feedings, diapers and sleep. This ensure she's eating, pottying \u0026 sleeping an adequate amount based on what our doctor has recommended. I love that you can see an overview of the data you put in too. By clicking statistics you can see exactly how many hours of sleep they have had in a day, how many oz/ml of food they have had \u0026 the number of wet and dirty diapers each day.

Ms. Molly Mosciski

love that you can tap an icon to quickly add a dirty diaper, wet diaper, bottle or start and stop sleep. Would like to see a chart that lists intervals between bottles, naps, etc.

Miss Vivian Wilkinson IV

Brilliant app! So easy to track times and amounts of bottles consumed (baby brain and I never remember) also good to track nappies so it's easy to see what baby has done. Sleep can also be tracked although I don't use it for this.

Harry Mayer

easy to use and very helpful for keeping track of formula feedings,changing,and keeping track of what foods may cause allergies.

Arno Franecki I

My daughter is 2 months old. I should have downloaded this app 2 months ago! It's so easy to track her feedings now!

Miss Otilia Haag I

such an easy and gorgeous app to track my baby updates. love it.

Mr. Michael Mitchell III

Could expand with timer/alarm for people who want to regulate feed times or nappy change reminder.

Dr. Dudley Hills

highly recommend to every mum

Taurean Zemlak

Gets the job done