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Boxer is the plucky little robot with a big personality! Use this app to unlock new games and learn how to play with your best bot pal (sold separately) The more you play, the more you unlock! Throw a Dance Party, unlock a Stunt Show, or find out how to play Robo Snake with Boxer! Well, what are you waiting for? Discover everything this tiny A.I. robot can do!


- 26 interactive games to play
- Learn how to play with Boxer
- Find answers to FAQs
- Discover Boxer’s hilarious personality

This app supports devices running Android 5.0 and above. Updates may affect compatibility.

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Dr. Damon Grant

as of today, a fresh installation of the app on both tablets and phones will not make the sound audible so actions cannot be triggered. media volume tried at all settings to no effect. just tried through bluetooth and wired speakers to no avail. all sounds are loud in the app, but nothing when sending boxer a command have now tested on iOS too. no sound so unable to send sounds to boxer in app. will be sending the units back, not due to a fault in them, but poor software support

Tiara Mann

Doesn't work with Android. VERY DISAPPOINTING!!! My son spent $80 and got home to immediately open it and try it out. Both the tablet and phone will not produce the sounds loud enough for Boxer to Hear even with the speaker right above it. Now it's getting returned. JUNK

Jabari Mante

Very cool device, but sadly, the android app is not working. You can only run the demo movie from the app. EDIT - ok, i am stupid - i found that you have to watch all demo movies - Now everything works like a charm.

Gaylord Predovic

Downloaded the app but cannot even get to the point \"select game on app\". Totally skips to another screen then locks up. Wish it would work.

Prof. Bernita Lindgren

I love this app but one morning I woke up and I noticed that boxer was gone I tryed to download it again and it didn't work then 1 hour later I tried to download it again. Didn't work so I downloaded a few other apps and deleted them after then I downloaded boxer again. And it didn't work so please fix this thank you ~Kayden For Sure

Leopold Connelly

App does not work. There is no audio on three devices, so slide up doesn't work.

Josie Mraz

Theres a glitch on the app. When you go to a digital card and keep on swiping up on the card. You level up insanely. I just found it out and in 30-50 mins I leveled up to thr max level 17.

Pierce Lockman

hi I got boxer for Christmas great toy but would nearly deaf you when you get the cards going as I hear a high pitch sound is that normal I turned it off I use him on the tablet my son loves it tho we have Cosmo to but I don't turn them on together, but boxer seems to have a high pitch sound when I go to swipe cards the kinda sound only a dog would hear really but very good other than that

Prof. Kale Dietrich

Brilliant app works well on Android and with 26 games it's going to be fun to play. I am 70 years old and it breaks my boredom lol

Geovanni Price MD

Brilliant Gadget/Toy and App. Very fun to use. My only one nag, is that each digital card should have an Info button to show exactly what can be done with the selected card, rather than having to look through the manual. Other than that 5*