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Get On Stage and Showcase Your Talents

You can now showcase ALL of your talents, as many times as you’d like; Acting, Singing, Dancing, Music, Comedy, Filmmaking and more! It’s all there!

And because Scenebot Stage is an amazing social network, you can follow your friends, gain fans, comment, and more. The higher your talents trend, the more visible you become to our Industry Pros!

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Letha Hickle

it was horrible because I tried to put in a username and every time I did, it told me that it was invalid, I had a bad experience with this app

Kari Heller

this app would probably be the best app on my phone if it didnt take so long to import. I cant really post videos because of that. If this issue is fixed i will come back and change my rating!

Derick Ward

this is very unfair. I spent a whole 43MB on this thing and I was thinking i would get somewhere. heads up! it refused to open. I don't get this at all. please , do something real quick .

Larry Collins IV

Bad. I cant Upload always says error and password empty. please fix this

Mckenzie McKenzie

I think this is a great way to show your talent(s), but I wish there was a way you could make a collab with another user.

Ms. Crystal Kshlerin II

I love watching everyone elses videos but it takes forever to load when i want to upload my own video and for some reason when it does work my voice sounds staticy and off.

Sofia Wisozk

this is great

Prof. Susan Tillman

Love watching all the performances. Funny and creative format. Very easy to navigate.

Ericka Hodkiewicz

I love the weekly shows. Great talents and lots of laughs!!

Damon Hilpert

I downloaded the app and when I tried it, it keeps on showing \" unfortunately Scene bot stage has stopped. I uninstalled it and installed it again and it keeps on showing the same thing