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PLEASE NOTE: This app is intended for use with the Love2Learn Elmo toy. Product sold separately at

Select your child’s name* and interests in the Love2Learn Elmo app to create a personalized play experience for your child.

Use the Love2Learn Elmo app to customize the Elmo toy with your child’s name*, choose the desired subject and their play stage, and select your child’s favorites. Change the selections at any time to keep playtime fresh and exciting for your little one!

Parents can select phrases and songs that the Elmo toy can say in real time. These parent helpers can offer support and encouragement in daily routines and at your child’s different developmental stages. For example, the Elmo toy can play a 2-minute tooth brushing song, talk about healthy foods, and reinforce good manners.

Your child can play along with the Elmo toy and app! The Elmo toy’s interaction with the app adds to the fun as he responds to what happens on screen in real time!

You can put the Elmo toy in Lullaby Mode and he’ll sing a lullaby and say goodnight to your child! The only other response from Elmo in this mode will be to play a soft instrumental lullaby when his nose is squeezed.

If you are concerned about your child’s privacy in public places, you can put Elmo in Privacy Mode to prevent him from saying your child’s name. You can also control the Elmo toy’s volume using the slider on the app’s settings screen.

*Over 10,000 names available. Visit

The Love2Learn Elmo is a plush toy that delivers a personalized play experience so kids can play along with Elmo just like they do on Sesame Street! Parents use the Love2Learn Elmo App to customize the play experience for their child (based on stage and subject) and use “Parent Helpers” to encourage and reward important daily routines. With sensors in the nose, hands and belly, the Elmo toy responds to a child’s touch and will play fun, interactive games, songs and silly sounds!

Don’t own a Love2Learn Elmo toy? Your child can still play with three fun games in the Love2Learn Elmo app:
Cooking with Cookie: Make, bake and decorate pretend cookies with Cookie Monster.
Spot the Animals: Search for hidden animals and other familiar characters. Can you find an Elephant or your friend Grover?
Flashcard Fun: Interactive flashcard game – explore numbers, ABCs, colors, and more!

The Love2Learn Elmo app is subject to the app store’s terms and conditions. The Love2Learn Elmo app requires an Internet connection (3G, 4G, LTE, or WiFi) for download and updates. Kids, ask a parent first before downloading.

The Love2Learn Elmo app will ask for permission to access your device’s camera.  The Love2Learn app gives users the ability to take pictures and save them to your mobile device.  Pictures taken using this feature are not shared by Hasbro with any unaffiliated third parties or users.  Visit your device’s privacy settings to enable or disable the camera function.

Supported Devices:
Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6
Samsung Galaxy Note 3, 4, 5
Google Nexus 7 (2013), 9
Updates affect compatibility.

Review the mobile privacy policy at

Check for compatibility, availability and instructions. Make sure your device supports this app before downloading. Other devices may be compatible but are not supported. Updates affect compatibility.

Hasbro and all related logos are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc. © 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. © 2016 Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved.

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Sterling Cole

This is so great for my 2 year old daughter. She loves it and it helped a little with getting her to try and start using the potty. But there should be a bed time kind of thing and a morning kind of option. Also I suggest trying to get a section in the app that we as the parent could TYPE IN OUR OWN sayings for him to say. There's lots of commands in a day that parents say to their child and could definitely be some helpful things that we could actually type in. I'm not saying to get super dependent on it or anything but just for some times!

Ms. Evelyn Nolan

There should be an options for Elmo to say \"Good Morning\" , \"it's time to sleep\" and \"Good night\" . How can the creators forget that .Clearly they might not have kids. It's dissapointing. Also if the App had a section just for songs like the ones that appear on the shows ex: Elmo's World \u0026 Sesame Street, would be great for the kids as well as the parents could sing along with them as Elmo would be playing them.

Prof. Connor Heathcote V

It's a cool concept but my daughter soon caught on that Elmo wasn't saying anything unless daddy touched his phone/tablet. In theory it's a great tool, but in practice it needs some work. Good concepts though, just needs to work with less guidance needed. Maybe initial set up is done by parent in private, then a couple buttons trigger a sequence of events that allow the child to follow along to, and interact with the. You are select a couple responses from Elmo to each event, and so on. Not Elmo says hi \"child's name\", then you tap phone for tooth brush, Elmo says let's brush teeth kid\" then he plays a song and child is supposed to just get brush , start brushing and sing and dance with Elmo at same time. my distraction there...

Maurice O'Keefe MD

Love this app and my son begs me to play the games on it. The biggest problem for me is while he is playing he always accidentally hits other buttons which moves to other screens. I have other kid apps that prevent this from happening. An update to fix this would give it 5 stars and our favorite app to use!

Mr. Eino Ankunding

Delighted with Elmo so far. I connected out with my inexpensive Kindle Fire--working consistently and quickly. I suspect a lot of connectivity reports are due to low batteries. Suggestions, turn it off at night to save batteries. And use tape to make it more difficult for child to turn Elmo off and back on to defeat potential controls (our 3 yr old granddaughter is already opening him up to greet at the switch).

Dante Pacocha

Won't connect with my phone or my sister's. What the heck make other phones \ncompatible it's almost 2019 get your stuff together. It's really sad my \nnephew can't enjoy this entirely and no money can be returned for the \npurchase of this toy which promised me all this abilities. Totally \nunsatisfied!

Dr. Wayne Blanda IV

App works well. However please eliminate the unnecessary sound effects within the app. It kind of defeats the purpose when you're putting your child to bed, and stealthily trying to enable lullaby mode on Elmo, and your phone is playing dumb Hasbro splash screen music and all kinds of beeps and boops. No need for sound effects in the app

Evangeline Miller IV

Good for what it does, but the Android version NEVER reconnects to Elmo. This is VERY annoying because the connection process requires a lot more tapping and waiting to complete. This means more screaming from the impatient 2yo and more headaches for the frustrated parents of said 2yo. The Apple version of the app doesn't have this problem... one more reason to buy Apple!

Sadie Yundt

We bought Elmo for my son in January 2017 everything was working until now. I can't connect Elmo anymore to my phone. I try 3 different phones also I can't. My son is very disappointment cuz Elmo always said goodnight and in the morning hi too him. I really don't understand why after a year my app stop working???

Prof. Tobin Stamm Jr.

My 15 month old daughter loves this and I enjoy how I can play games along with her on the app provided with the plush Elmo! I did notice though that the app is not working as good as it was before. Often times I find that it is not connecting to my internet or cannot find the Elmo plush when indeed the stuffed Elmo is right at my side