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Tell Me - Text To Speech

Tell Me is a Text To Speech app which reads any text you type! it currently features:

* Volume, pitch and Speed Sliders
* Simple and clean interface (Meterial design)
* Customizable colors
* Different voices, English, United Kingdom, Jarvis and many more!
* Different styles of voices
* Save to file (synthesize to file)
* Slide-out menu with preset text
* Set your created files as your notification sound, ringtone and even your alarm!
* Tablet support

Storage and Photos/Media/Files Permission – Only used to see your saved Text To Speech files as well as play and delete them.

Other, Modify system settings Permission – Only ever used to set your selected Text To Speech file as a ringtone, notification or alarm sound.

Many more features to be added in the near future! Thanks for your support and giving me a shot! And as always have a Simply Complex Day!

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Dr. Margie Grant I

very good..thanks a million

Dejon Wilkinson

very good easy to use

Kacie Kautzer

Awesome and Amazing

Felicita Stroman III

I recently lost my larynx (voice box) to cancer. This is a great app! I can talk to any number of people at the same time. I was using Snote on my Samsung Note 5 to type notes for communication. I would type the note, then show the person I was talking to. This is a lot better, I can communicate from across the room to anyone. Is it possible to save the settings so I don't have to adjust them each time? Not a big problem, but it would be awesome if you could. Is this available for my computer?

Felton Ebert DVM

First off, don't judge me ok? I use Google translate, but not in the normal way. I will type in something like, \"poooooooooooop\" and see how the voice says it. Yes I am aware that I have the humor of a 12 year old. Do I care? No, not at all. I am also 20 years old. Y'all can come for me if you want, but I will NEVER stop being weird!!!!!!! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I like the dialog box! It's so sweet!

Alfred Schulist IV

This app is just what I was looking for! After larynx surgery and complete voice rest a couple of times lately, I've gotten frustrated with texting to my husband who is just across the room from me. With Tell Me I feel like I'm part of a conversation and can better make myself understood. I can even use it to talk to Alexa! It's easy to use, my only ask would be (and it may already be available and I don't know how to do it) a way to save the voice settings. Thank you for this!

Mrs. Zena D'Amore

Pretty awesome app... and the maker doesn't bombard you with ads. I feel \nlike this was a labor of love for someone dear to the app maker's heart. \nThank you for sharing. Very useful when doctor says you should rest your \nvoice for a while. Only option I would ask for is the ability to speak out \nhighlighted text only. Sometimes, I type out a long phrase and some asks to \nrepeat one word. Lol. Either go through the whole phrase again, or re-tyoe \njust that word.

Matilda Mayer

Absolutely love this app! I just had a Tonsillectomy \u0026 Adenoidectomy done yesterday. I can not talk at all. This app is quick and easy to use. I can adjust the speech easily. It articulates very well. There are no ads! So, I never have to worry about getting something across to someone and accidentally pushing on an ad that would lead me else where. I can go through a conversation with ease thankfully with this app. I recommend this to everyone. Thank you to the developer for your labor of love!

Betty Schiller

Your app is fantastic! Thank you! I would still suggest a couple things to make it even more sweet. Could you please add the Daniel United Kingdom voice, and the ability to change voices? Maybe even enable the voice to raise its tone when a question is asked or even to shout when you put an exclamation mark in.

Kailee Kling

Have a severely painful throat / larynx infection, an autistic daughter, \nand school holidays. Not a great time to be told I need to speak as little \nas possible! Your app is exactly what I needed and Miss 3 is also enjoying \nplaying with it. Thank you!