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Package Name: com.relaxingbraintraining.sudokumaster

Developer: PlaySpot Games

Category: Free Puzzle Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.1.1

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 20M

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Sudoku Master Screenshot
Sudoku Master Screenshot

Sudoku Master

Never ending Sudoku levels to master! Relax your brain and win a level of sudoku at any time.

Take a quick break from what ever you are doing - and RELAX! Master of Soduku is here to help you relax and train your brain at the same time.

4 different difficulty levels and a never ending amount of levels for each one.

Download this now and be be 10% smarter already on the first day ???
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  • 1 week ago Amber Ramzy

    It was great at first but it isn't letting me finish my games now. I fill in all the blanks correctly \u0026 the time keeps ticking.

  • 3 weeks ago Mina Lubrano

    trying to play a game and app stop every 2 seconds frustrated

  • 1 month ago Tammy Eddy

    the app keeps closing

  • 1 month ago Gena Gullo

    game closes every second cant even play

  • 1 month ago Nicki Biggs

    Too many bugs! I love to play Sudoku. This game has a \"mistake\" limit of 3. But theres also a way to earn extra plays. At first it allow me to earn them but not any more. It seems to be caught in a loop it can't get out if for some reason because it won't give me the extra plays any more. I do like the different levels and options it offers.

  • 1 month ago Carson Willis

    wasn't completable and when I watched the ad for a second chance it didn't give me a second chance.

  • 1 month ago sophie smith

    Love the puzzles but hate the 3 mistakes feature. Most of the time it's because I've hit the wrong number by accident and when I get three i have to start over again. Super annoying

  • 1 month ago Mia Sanson

    so im playing a hard level and the game is completely broke. when i hit 3 \"mistakes\" the game gave me a hit and tbe hint is wrong. now i have no clue how to finish the level.

  • 2 months ago Brittany Hogan

    everytime I open the app ot fails and closes the app on me. I use to love this game and now it wont let me open it

  • 2 months ago jenna waldner

    I really liked this game until they didn't give me my hints when I watched the videos. if we watch the videos to get our hints we deserve our hints!!! I am deleting this game I played a bit longer thinking it was maybe glitch why I wasnt getting my hints so I turned off my phone and also uninstalled it and re download it and still didn't get hints from watching videos so deleting it and downloading another one. dont download this one download another one.