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How well do you know the NFHS rules for high school sports? Using the NFHS Rules app you will be able to find out! “NFHS Rules” allows official NFHS rule questions to be sent directly to your mobile device allowing you to challenge your rule knowledge and keep you aware of different situations for your chosen sports. For the sports that you subscribe to, it not only allows you access to the NFHS Rules but you can also gain the valuable knowledge found in the Case Books of your sports. “NFHS Rules” app contains all the information found in the printed copy, but adds the key advantages of not only portability but the digital format also allows quick and easy searches to be performed.

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Mr. Immanuel Armstrong DVM

i love this app. I have had ZERO issues. I purchased the baseball case and rule books and can easily look up rules by using a key word or phrase and use search and BAMMMM here r all the rules that would apply to my search. And i certainly LOVE all the quizes. This isan awesome learning tool. GET IT its worth the time

Christop Stanton

So many problems. Paid for the app I can see it on one Android account but not others. Submitted a contact us to ask questions about this issue no response. Beyond that , I find it troubling that you have to pay for an electronic version of a rulebook for a organization that wants us to follow the rules. The printing on the paper version is so tiny, the paper is so thin \u0026 yellow and the layout is poorly designed it's about useless.

Gillian Schinner

was a good app that I enjoyed and constantly took the quizzes, but after pointing out that questions were wrong on the basketball quiz, I have been banned from taking the quiz. I know that I was banned because another official was able to take the quiz 5 minutes before a game that I worked but I still can't take the quiz. then when I reported it in the feedback option, the feedback option was removed.

Ally Mayert Jr.

Non-existent customer service. Pay a \"subscription\" fee early and have it expire prior to the season. Buy it on Amazon for the same price and own it forever.

Agnes Howell

Find it redundant to have to pay multiple times to access the information. I am a member of the NFHS officials association but it will not let me view the books until i subscribe again and pay. The rule books were viewable until the last update and now I have to pay again. Looks like i will just have to get rid of this waste of space on my phone now.

Brielle Wehner

if you are a high school field hockey may official, this is a must have.

Prof. Kelvin Bayer

I am already an member official. I should not have to pay for a rule book twice.

Mr. Orlando Schneider

I liked the app, but never get responses to any questions using the contact us tab.

Mrs. Barbara Kunze

Excellent and easy way of viewing rules at finger touch away.

Callie Anderson

App allows me instant mobile access to info needed for occupation.