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Spirit animal

Which animal are you? What is my spirit animal ? Do you ask yourself this question?
Are you a Rabbit or Lion? A dog or a cat? Test your spirit animal with this animals quiz game!

Your spirit animal is not random. Try it out!

Check which animal is your spirit animal in this psychological character/personality quiz test.

Answer 7 quiz questions and you will see your animal out of 25 possible animals.

Don't be angry if the quiz app shows animals like a pig, a sloth or rat ... they also have positive sides ;)

Share your animal with your friends! Check if you and the animals fit together.

Enjoy this fun spirit animal personality test app and find out which animal you are.

"Which animal are you ?" is updated regularly. If you face any mistakes or if you just believe that anything should be changed, please rate this app in the play store and report.

Last words:
"What is your spirit animal ?" is a fun personality test app. Please use the app only as such. "What is your spirit animal ?" does not have the ambition to insult or hurt anybody. All results in "What is your spirit animal ?" are positive.

Editor's Note

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Corine Osinski

im sorry to give 1 star but my spirit animal isnt a deer its a snowleopord i eat meat more then vegetables and fruit ehh good prank tho xd 😐😐😐

Eudora Wintheiser


Araceli Lemke

it's not a game and doesn't have enough quizes to keep but it totally was right. ♥️ It said that I got dove but it talked about pigeons and there was a picture of a pigeon so I guess I got pigeon. Don't judge.

Kaylee Kub DDS

awww I'm a fox

Mr. Freeman Legros V

I'm not sure🤒

Jarrett Prohaska III

I am a therian so when I got this I was hoping it said wolf and it did.

Prof. Neil Larson

gotta wolf on multiple ones.. guess its tru?

Nicklaus Wunsch

this is stupid and it freezes the hole time

Jewell Fisher

stops working at third question

Prof. Armando Grant

I like it