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Stickman Football

American Football!, designed in a way you never played it before. Be part of the action, be the Quaterback, control your player directly. Tired of just choosing moves from the playbook? Meet Stickman Football, play and directly control your favorite hero in every detail, tackle, pass, run or trick the defenders while going for your first touchdown!

Stickman Football finally joins the well known Stickman Sports game collection consisting of Stickman Soccer, Stickman Soccer 2014, Stickman Tennis, Stickman Tennis 2015, Stickman Basketball and Stickman Ice Hockey.

Experience pure football fun with fast paced gameplay, an astonishing atmosphere, stunning smooth animations, simple controls, insane action and tons of replay value. Choose your favorite football team and rank up while playing various seasons, cups in spectacular stadiums or simple dominate in a quick game or future football style matches. You have full control over your players with manual running, passing and tackling your opponents. Choose your favorite football team from more than 32 different skilled teams and lead them to glory!

• Stickman Football supports MOGA and other iOS 7 MFi game controllers

• From the makers of various top hits like Stickman Soccer, Stickman Basketball, Stickman Downhill, Stick Stunt Biker, Stickman Tennis, Stickman Cliff Diving, Stickman Base Jumper, Rope'n'Fly and more...

• Bone-breaking tackling action
• Selectable tactics: short or long passes, running, punt, field goals, …
• Quick game and tutorial mode with football rules explained by your coach.
• Different season modes: Short Season, Long Season, The Bowl, Djinnworks Cup, North-West Cup, South-East Cup, Top 8 Tournament
• Bonus Future Football game
• 32 football teams to choose from
• Various stadiums and configurable game time
• 4 difficulty levels for longterm motivation (easy, medium, hard, pro)
• Simple yet powerful touch controls with timing control
• Match statistics
• Smooth animations with 60 frames per second
• Compete with your friends with the integrated world ranking leaderboard
• Various achievements to unlock
• MOGA and MFI Game Controller support
• Pure football action!

Take a look at the Stickman Football Trailer :

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Dr. Rae Ritchie II

great game it is so good when you run down field and intercept your team most know a lot about football I give 5 stars your game is so awesome I need to play for 24 hours each day for some reason it is just such a good game cant stop talking about it

Wilber Pfannerstill

i love this game and im a girl this game is so awesome but one thing is wrong a lot of ads keep coming but i steal love this game😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Maynard Harris

Make it customizable! I want to change the names of the teams! Make it possible to give players names, like Stickman Soccer 2018! Also, can you add actual plays and penalties, plus timeouts? Please fix the tackling. Other than that, amazing game!

Ivory Kiehn

TERRIBLE good game play but so much ads and if u accidentally click on the thing and switch to the app then you lose all of that life, how hard is it to make a way to save at least Quarterly period. plus a 2 point conversion is not a touchdown and a PAT attempt is not a field goal, plus its QUARTER S NOT PERIODS

Javonte Mohr

The ads ruin the game! At the end of a quarter, I accidentally click on the ad the pops up and I cant go back to the game because it freezes then I have to restart it! The ads that pop up dont even allow you to close them.

Elbert Sawayn

Glitchy. After making a big play or just moving the ball down the field the opponents makes their way up to the line to set up for another play however sometimes they set up offesides (as if they're part of my team). This has happened on more than one occassion and cost me a couple game wins - as they sack me right away or even worse they intercept the ball ( when I hike it) and return it for a TD. - Other than that, the game is fun and challenging if you want it to be ( modify the settings).

Dr. Katheryn Casper MD

Game is so much fun, played for years. It is now getting to easy. Took Oakland to thr superbowl on pro vsing teams of 100/99/98 stats while my team was 68/63/67 and still floggimg the teams on pro. There is also a bug where the other team is innyour attacking squad and tackles you instantly causing hand overs... Make a stick man rugby league game

Prof. Diego Hane

Love the game; I really do!!!! But, it's gained this irritating lag that freezes when I open the app and play a game inside the app. Whenever I open the game, it says \"restoring transactions\"... I've never spent any money on the app. I truly love playing this game, but this is just annoying! Would give more than one star, but this needs to be at your attention! Please fix!

Gaylord Goldner

it is good but you cant make yourself get a interception

Antonina Hermann