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Kids School Time Bicycle Race apk

Download Kids School Time Bicycle Race apk for free.

Kids School Time Bicycle Race apk icon

Kids School Time Bicycle Race

There are lots of surprises waiting for you in this latest school time Emergency Kids bicycle race Game for kids.

School life it’s the best time for all the kids and toddlers with all the friends and lot of interesting new things to learn.Every Kid want a bicycle race with his or her friends to reach school before any one else !

This game will help you to enjoy the school emergency race situation when you have to reach school on time before other kids .

All children like funny games and bicycle racing, so kids took the bicycle and hit the road. The game offers you colorful locations, spectacular tricks that will make kids happy on a bike.

Make sure your parking skills are perfect so that you may change position of your bike on sharp turns and unusual situations and reach school before your other school mates on bicycle !


•Awesome Bicycle Riding challenges
•Smooth controls and fun gameplay
•Drive different types of Kids And School Bags
•Massive 3D Suburban City environments
•Realistic City traffic

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Noel Dietrich I

Can someone please explain to me why my very dear friends 2 year old baby was playing this game and clicked on this ad that popped up like any 2 year old would and he started ooing and ahhing so my friend looks down to see what he is so amazed at and to his surprise he looks down to see a full blown porno across the screen he immediately freaks out like anyone would and pushed the back arrow on the phone and again to his surprise it went straight back to this game. He thought maybe the baby might have accidentally search something on the Internet but it didn't go back to the internet it went back to this game. So he thought it may have been a mistake and he went on the search history of his phone internet and there was nothing like that in the history of his phone the 60-something pages of history that were opened in the background on his phone that the baby had accidentally searched but it went directly back to this game. So I don't know what kind of sick sadistic game you people are putting out there for our children to play but this will not be the last that you hear from me over this or the father of this two-year-old that this actually happened to and if this were my child this happened to I would be suing the pants off of these people. So for that if I could give you 0 Stars I would but I had to at least give you one star to leave a review and if I could take it back I would

Heather Herzog

i hate this game all ads are popping up and the controls are horrible and i would give you 0 stars but i had to give you 1 star because the review was not going

Webster Gaylord


Norval Sanford

I think it's ok because you get to press more games and you can download more games just like the game you got

Rose Collins

It is ok but they have to upgrade the game more and make it were u go to school and have a race in the school and have to go to the princeibles ofecse and get suspense for two weeks

Cheyanne Mohr

There are no levels. Graphic is not good It is a boring game

Ted Nikolaus

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Prof. Meaghan Farrell DDS

It is the baddest game ever made sorry but I do not like it and it is hard to turn and it takes a long time for you to turn and I just Do not wanna play it and do not download people please it is so boring

Dr. Akeem Bayer IV

I could not even play becouse of the advertisments

Osvaldo Green

You can't even turn and it is boring