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Drilla: Mine and Crafting

Drilla — is an interactive underground strategy game that will immerse you into the world of excavations and digging adventure. Do you think it’s easy being clever like geologist, enterprising like capitalist, rich like tycoon, at the same time handy miner atilt with pickaxe? Why don’t you try it out?! Craft a powerful drill and get to the center of the earth!

Key features
– Idle and fun. Tap and mine over 20+ minerals: diamonds, gold, coal, radium itc.
– Drilla upgrading — collect the best body kit from over 200 available and create your drilling factory.
– Automatic drilling when you aren’t in the game, even you offline — drilling and mining continues until the Drilla power block is depleted.
– International rating — become the best digger in the world.
– Clan system. Create your own clan or join an already existing one. Grow your a clan from tiny to very large! Your clan will help you figure out a good strategy and may share resources. Fight in clan battles and prove that you are the best!
– Over 300 Quests. Mining adventures are waiting!
– Assistants — get a special tech helper and drill faster.
– Tower. Solve the puzzle and get blocks for building.
– Free daily bonuses to all players.

And sometimes, you’ll be visited by crafty Egor...

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Savanna Jacobson


Bonnie Jast

well it gets 3 stars because it has a dumb subscription for no ads. it's stupid that these free mobile games are turning to monthly payments for no ads. other than that is a simple idle game.

Delbert Johnston

Greed and Misleading killed the gameplay really. First they make things easy luring you to progress deeper then they make it very hard unless you Must pay. For Ex. They will lie to you by making you spend a lot of time collecting valuable ingame gems so that you collect them all after a certain point, then at the end they tell you oh you must pay for that first .. But guess what black bear? i wont pay a single penny, uninstall your game, and won't even bother looking at the other ones

Jodie Lockman

I just purchased the new pack the added today for 1.39 i purchased it and my game crashed it charged my account and didnt give me my in game purchase dont download game. literally my first purchase. amazing customer service changing my reveiw from a 1 star to a 5 star immediate response back to my complaint. issue was rectified within 2 days and they even threw in extra for the inconvenience.👍👍👍👍

Felipa Wuckert

I really love the game. It's simple, easy to play and helps pass the time when teachers are giving boring lectures.

Sage Wilderman

Monotonous; zero meaningful decisions; Skinner box-like psychological manipulation to condition players to keep playing. Just another shovelware idle game among the thousands on the play store. Does not belong in \"strategy\" category.

Karine Dietrich

just waste of net time all thing please dont download

Dr. Alvena Hartmann

Can you fix the game. because is harder to get a resources:(

Chanel Davis

quite enjoyable, it would be cool if there was like a rebirth sort of system with bonuses and such

Prof. Reilly Mohr Sr.

This is a very addicting game!!