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Package Name: com.fivecraft.digga

Developer: Google Commerce Ltd

Category: Free Strategy Games

Publish Date:

Version: 8.0

Requirements: Android 19 and above

File Size: 62M

Drilla: Mine and Crafting Screenshot
Drilla: Mine and Crafting Screenshot
Drilla: Mine and Crafting Screenshot
Drilla: Mine and Crafting Screenshot
Drilla: Mine and Crafting Screenshot

Drilla: Mine and Crafting

Drilla — is an interactive underground strategy game that will immerse you into the world of excavations and digging adventure. Do you think it’s easy being clever like geologist, enterprising like capitalist, rich like tycoon, at the same time handy miner atilt with pickaxe? Why don’t you try it out?! Craft a powerful drill and get to the center of the earth!

Key features
– Idle and fun. Tap and mine over 20+ minerals: diamonds, gold, coal, radium itc.
– Drilla upgrading — collect the best body kit from over 200 available and create your drilling factory.
– Automatic drilling when you aren’t in the game, even you offline — drilling and mining continues until the Drilla power block is depleted.
– International rating — become the best digger in the world.
– Clan system. Create your own clan or join an already existing one. Grow your a clan from tiny to very large! Your clan will help you figure out a good strategy and may share resources. Fight in clan battles and prove that you are the best!
– Over 300 Quests. Mining adventures are waiting!
– Assistants — get a special tech helper and drill faster.
– Tower. Solve the puzzle and get blocks for building.
– Free daily bonuses to all players.

And sometimes, you’ll be visited by crafty Egor...

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  • 5 days ago Jaimie Tani

    It's clear that the devs of this game have essentially abandoned updating it and just left it stuffed with ads for one last desperate attempt to get cash out of people. It is an idle game to be sure, but there's no sense of accomplishment to any of it. The community on there is non-existent even with clans. And pretty much anything you can click on either brings up a video ad you have to sit through or a plea to buy the in-game currency. Boring and not worth the time.

  • 1 week ago Whirlwind0204

    Good game. Not the type you would play for hours on the but more of a wind it up and leave it.

  • 1 week ago Tord Runnman

    All ads, all the time.

  • 1 week ago Anthony Woodward

    Good game, wish the devs add a Skip Mission(s) for 50 Gems, or something similar. The make 9 blocks in tower, is nearly impossible! But I honestly don't understand peoe hating on the ads, the chests are a easy boost of coin.....OPTIONAL! Like paying to play, or play 100% free.....sigh, can't please the ones who never can enjoy things.

  • 2 weeks ago Andrew S

    Chat input is the worst of any app I've ever used! Why not allow players to use the default Android keyboard? It works fine in Flood game. Every time you open the keyboard it glitches the display and chops the top part of the screen off. The only way to fix this is to restart the app. it's been at least 9 months since I first complained to support about this and they haven't done anything to fix it.

  • 2 weeks ago Jessica Templeman

    It keeps crashing, and when I open it again, I have to restart because, I can't get past the tutorial.

  • 2 weeks ago Sweety123 Esmail


  • 2 weeks ago Them Tasty Tacos

    This is an amazing game, but I don't understand why this game has to be online to be played. I can understand the league thing but why does it always have to be connected to the internet. I feel like after your offline for a little, then you connect to the internet and it adds on to the progress you had before. But overall, great game!

  • 3 weeks ago Kaileb Curtis

    one of my fav. games as of 2019. Great game all around.

  • 3 weeks ago GREEN NINJA DONOHUE