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We’re tired of all the shouting matches and echo chambers on social media, and thought you might be, too. So we decided to build a place for a smart discussion about the news.

Around here, we still believe rigorous journalism and bold ideas are powerful things that will shape the future. We also believe that our readers collectively know more than we do. In our new app, we’ve gathered a community of curious thinkers and doers to have high-quality discussions about the most important stories each day, and we’d like you to join us. It’s like an ongoing discourse with people like Bill Gates that you’ll be able to carry around in your pocket and contribute to.

The details:

- News for you, curated by us--featuring all major publishers including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Quartz (hi!), Recode, the New York Times, WIRED, Reuters, and many more.
- Stay informed with notifications on the important stories
- Personalize your news feed with the topics you love.
- Follow your favorite thinkers from technology, finance, business, politics, and more.
- Pick the stories that interest you and share your ideas with the community
- Engage with an informed community of leaders, subject matter experts, and curious minds.

Who You’ll Be Joining:
Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group)
Arianna Huffington (Founder & CEO, Thrive Global)
Kai Fu Lee (Founder, Sinovation Ventures)
Adam Grant (Professor & Author, Wharton School)
Sallie Krawcheck (Founder and CEO, Ellevest)
Ian Bremmer (President, Eurasia Group and GZERO Media)
And many more!

We hope this app makes you smarter, and because we believe our readers collectively know more than we do, we can’t wait to learn from you! Let us know what you think at [email protected]

Privacy policy: https://qz.com/about/privacy-policy/
Terms and conditions: https://qz.com/about/terms-conditions/

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Camryn Schinner

I downloaded this app thinking that it will give news in an honest and fair way. It pushes lies as news; has no option to downvote garbage news; and feels like a circlejerk of identarian politics. I am out.

Madaline Jaskolski

Material on solar was somewhat misleading and left out some very important information for any one considering becoming involved in the solar revolution. See my comment at the end of the article for the details.

Vida Towne

Great news pushed right to my phone currated by readers and not companies throwing up misleading titles to get my clicks. Its my go-to news app.

Pedro Howell

It's a good looking app but doesn't actually have much Quartz content unless you pay and its not cheap. A little too up its own bottom at times but much better than the old app.

Mrs. Kailee Yundt

Love it! Lots of intelligent conversation \u0026, so far for me as a newbie, no trash talking.

Carson Kautzer

EDIT: Minus another star because you can't share articles with people who don't have the app. Okay... NewsPicks was fine, if not slightly better. It's not doing any good to reskin it and slap the Quartz name on it, especially when that name already belongs to a news app that used to be good but mysteriously stopped working. I now have all 3 of these on my phone and I get less news coverage than I did from the old Quartz app. What a mess.

Isaac Olson II

There should be a \"reply\" button along with down votes. The current format needs serious improvement. There should be mechanisms for DIRECT rebuttals to each comment made. Please make every effort to have crystal clear transparency of all remarks and rebuttals along with the up and down votes, determine your ROE (rules of engage).. True Quartz! You will not be disappointed, unless theres an agenda ;). I guarantee the potential for enlightenment along with entertainment.

Forrest Greenholt

Excellent app for getting news and proper discussions. I just wish that there was more content on it that wasn't just American based (I'm in Canada). If this app continues to grow and starts including sources and discussions outside of American issues, it will truly be a great resource

Adolf Sauer

I often get notifications from this app for a particular news story. I'll be interested and tap it. Then I'll be taken to the app's front page and have to hunt for the article I was promised. Sometimes it is no where to be found. I'm uninstalling.

Horace Rippin

Most articles are timely and good! Some appear to be fillers? At least I see no \"fake\" news? lol