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Set up and configure your Oculus Go, explore 1000+ titles in the Oculus library, discover live events, and so much more.

With the Oculus app you can:

- Browse, purchase, and download experiences for your Oculus Go from the best library in VR.
- Reserve your virtual seat for live events, sports and concerts.
- See which of your friends are online and what they’re up to.
- Check in with your friends and meet up in VR.
- Manage and monitor your Oculus Go, accounts, and notifications.

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Rubye Beahan

love it but disappointed. upgrade my phone to the s10 plus and now I can't find my original dinosaur movie that was used to was on my other phone. did ya take it off? the dino one where he sleeps and then wakes up as and eats. loved this one!!!! please bring it back or tell me where I can find it.

Prof. Brent Padberg

got to say ever since I've tried virtual reality 2 years ago on the gear vr I really loved it alot. after downloading apps and all and upgrading to the oculus go model I've noticed some apps aren't available like the Morgan page vr and some other things I currently own. please bring more content from the gear vr over to the oculus go and rift.

Katherine Wilderman Jr.

Cannot use this apps. I bought GearVR and install the softwares as instructed on my Galaxy Note. Snap my Note to gearvr and it asked for UPDATE. And it keep stopping in the middle of updating (step 4/5) because it CANNOT INSTALL OCULUS BROWSER. (I already installed useless Facebook app though.). So I bought useless samsung gearvr which cannot be used due to this locking useless huge size oculus apps which cannot be updated. Any useful tips?

Lou Kerluke III

This is an update to my first review I finally got the app to update so I can enjoy the VR experience. I had to uninstall the oculus app then restart my phone and then reinstall the app and then it finally updated the app so I am able to enjoy the full experience. Thank you so much for responding to me unlike just about everybody else!

Al Beatty

rarely do you find apps as frustrating as this. What's worse? you've sunk money you can't get back into the whole infuriating infrastructure.

Dr. Dashawn Veum

Generally I love the app, browsing the store of games and apps and building my wishlist is simple and fun. My main complaint comes from the fact that categories aren't shown in the GearVR version of this app like they are in the headset or Go/Rift store apps. This is a real shame because it means I can't view the most recent releases or on sale apps without putting my headset on, which I don't want to do unless there's something new or on sale from my wishlist on offer. Please, Oculus fix this!

Theodore Lebsack

What is going on with your guys's software? nothing can be downloaded on my S-10. and I'm reading I'm not the only one with this problem. it's been awhile since people have been having this problem is someone going to fix this?

Ms. Bethany Hansen

it was compatible with my Android 6 and now I have android 7 and tried oculus and says it is no longer compatible with Gear VR visors. can someone help ASAP. yep fixed. sorry

Miss Flo Runte MD

oculus go not updating. I connect the go to my phone then go to more setting then advanced settings and there is no option to turn on auto updates. help!

Anibal Reichert MD

like everyone with a vr I am having trouble finding my purchased games and support is worthless.I thought the go would fix the problem it is not as good as the vr. lenses have ridges in them and it no longer has vision adjustment. no bluetooth either. returned and went back to the vr. and now I have nothing but issues. Oculus please don't tell me to start a ticket . I already have thanks for not taking care of loyal customers