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War Planet Online: Global Conquest

When the entire world is at war, bold generals rise to the challenge and lead their armies toward Global Conquest. The time has come for you to strike! Do you have what it takes? Build your base, dominate regions of an actual real-world map, and lead your faction to conquer every nation of the globe!

You are a single modern military order, cut from the same cloth as a sultan or the Vikings of old, destined to forge a mighty empire. But you are not free from rivals. Many generals share your ambition and have their own loyal armies to back them. Some will join you and your clan. Some will clash with you as rivals. But friend or foe, only one can reign supreme.

Go boom or go bust as you recruit skilled commanders into your army, build a massive war machine, forge brilliant strategies, and order strikes on enemy bases in the most massive free MMO warfare game on mobile!


• Play with thousands of real mobile players as they clash around the world.
• Talk to your war friends and foes alike in the global chat as you plot every strike to grow your empire.
• Build and order ultra-realistic units based on actual modern war machines like mobile artillery, battle tanks and big boom-dropping bombers!
• Wage total warfare as you clash across a faithfully recreated World Map.

• Clash with the ferocity of modern Vikings in live, real-time PvP warfare.
• Become the Sultan of Boom by issuing split-second orders in-game that determine which army will emerge victorious in battle.
• Call on your clan for reinforcements when the clash is most intense.

• Feel free to build your war base however you want in a customizable mobile experience.
• Order your commander to strike, then power them up to bring the boom!
• Forge a clan, lead it with the strategy of a sultan, and plan your strike together.


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Maxwell Witting

I started playing this game on the Microsoft Windows platform more than a year ago and moved on to the Android version a couple of months ago It is very addictive game and am hooked. the issue that i have with this game is that it is a pay to win or a pay to place game. This game is dominated by the big players with millions of troops that don't care if they lose troops, and not because they are brave and this is a war game, only rather because they are willing to spend the money to replace them

Dr. Alphonso Blanda DVM

i like the game alot because i love tanks but i think the game should give out more 8 hour shields and telaports on the random rewards. that way it wont be so easy for higher players to just come in and dominate the lower players who are trying to build there base and army. if u dont know what i mean then u should start a game as a new army like every one and u will see what i mean great work on the game pease out

Deon Robel

Fantastic game, I started out just under 2 years ago and I was immediately hooked. Yes it's a little difficult to get started but once you play, it becomes very simple and addicting. I'm looking through the review section and I'm hearing a lot of Complaining and crying just because they keep getting attacked when they forget this is A-war game. If you understand how to use ports and Shields you have no problem surviving on a server, no matter how many level 30s there are. keep it up!

Prof. Francis Orn

Too many hackers, in game warfare is stacked against you. If attacked, all your units die, they are not sent to garage for repair. If your vault is upgraded yet you are not full, you still lose all of you're resources. Hackers are allowed by this gameloft company, wouldn't be surprised if they supported anti-American groups. Pack purchasing is not fair by any means, game makers support hate on their game. The care support b.s., these people don't care. They automate Their responses. Garbage.

Shayne Walker DDS

There is only one problem and that is the events, all of the time between lv 27's and lv 30's that gets 100th place or higher gets the rewards, can you make it so lower level players ranking is different to the higher levels or players that get lower than 100th place rewards. Other than that, the game is really good!

Pat Boehm IV

It's a good game Half way through anyway... The best function is that You can actually see your forces fighting and access a lot of things on that matter... The game grows pretty boring if you aren't a whale and if your growth speed is slow... But I still play it it's somewhat better than many similar world type games

Dashawn Olson

I like the game and it's gameplay content. Quite creative, but the PVP is brutal. Does not matter what alliance I In or where I go, get attacked multiple times a day. To be in a hive, you are a target. I just stuck at the same level, unless I spend money. I a senior gamer with limited budget. Waiting on game to get better.

Dr. Emilie Koss

I absolutely love this game. It is so addicting. You just wanna level up and get stronger. New features are always exciting. The only downside is the players who can pay can level faster, but it's not impossible to do it with out money

Miss Celine Weissnat Jr.

amazing and fun game my favorite game to play before it was pubg but now it's definitely this get this game it's an action game that's so much fun to play with your friends I started 1 month ago and I'm already pretty far into the game it's so addicting to play I really just love this game I recommend to get this game hugely because you can do multiple things in the game and huge game for Gameloft so if you like this game go check out there are other games that they have made

Mr. Merritt Fahey II

The playing field is heavily tilted in favour of those who have been in longer or those with money to burn. stronger players tend to gather together making it more difficult for newer players or smaller factions to progress. There is NO level playing field. eventually one faction dominates and the game becomes boring. most of the stronger players rely solely on sheer numbers, they possess no real tactical skill or strategy. vault size is problematic. it holds 2million but need 22 to upgrade