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Once upon a time, there was a small town. The townsfolk lived happily, but they were so poor, that they couldn’t even afford to go somewhere decent on holidays. But on the day, when everybody has abandoned all hope, a miracle occurred. The ground beneath the town shook violently and burst out a myriad of despicable monsters. And from that point on all the townsfolk, who had survived, lived happily ever after. Why? Because dungeon has attracted all sorts of heroes and adventurers. They protected the innocent and ended up being an excellent spenders, boosting the town’s economy.
And now the little town flourishes, as it stands on top of a dangerous dungeon, filled with dead adventurers and their miserable souls.

Game features:
- This game supports user-created mods! And as we further develop this feature, soon you will be able to create whole new game!
- Hardcore roguelike experience!
- 6 hero classes to choose from
- Town hub to prepare you for your journey and introduce you to the game world
- Over 30 dungeon levels of the main dungeon split into 6 unique dungeon types
- 3 optional dungeons: Spider Lair, Necropolis, Ice Caves
- Dozens of items and monsters
- Various bosses
- Hats! Everyone likes hats!

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Noble Reilly

A good experience, but it has a few flaws. The hunger/starvation effect comes quickly, and the bosses can seem overpowered. However, the other parts of the game are done very well. The amount of content is staggering. The combat is good and the amount of improvement upon the original game is visible. The problems are somewhat annoying at times, but otherwise it is a fun game to play in your spare time.

Reed Powlowski

I must say I have love-hate relationship with this game, altrought it's one of the best if not the besr pixel dungeon out there, I can't help but be mad when my level 16 rogue that fought half the dungeon with an arrow suddently dies from a necromancer boss because I didn't realise that I should've destroyed his skulls first.Bosses are fun and challenging especially the first time. Starvation never seemed to be a problem and most of my death are result of my own stupidity, in general great game!

Briana Dietrich MD

I absolutely love the game! I keep starving and the shop in game doesn't have any rations. Could you make an Inn or something to eat at in town for a little cheaper than the rations? It would make the game more playable without destroying the challenge of the hunger feature.

David Rosenbaum

A great rogue-like game made very frustrating by the hunger mechanic. Food needs to be much more common, and the time it takes for hunger to set in needs to be greatly increased. It would also be nice if you could immediately teleport to the deepest level you were last at

Emory Schaden

... I beat 5 bosses (the two main ones and 3 side ones) only to die on a doorframe on fire... yeah I wanted to burn down a bookshelf with some liquid flame, accidently caught myself and my familiars on fire, barely survived by walking into water, but then I walked into the doorframe and died. I had like 5 healing potions on me too. I'm literally retarded.

Hassie Zulauf

So this is just on the first 5 mins of gameplay so take with a grain of salt. The game seems like a mixture of the Mystery Dungeon franchise with a class based RPG game which for a free open source game is really cool. The zoom out feature resolves my issue.

Matilda Heller

I dont get that bows can only be used by elf i mean why not the huntress too... And the elf is useless 15 hp and 9 str and knowing that range in this game is not powerful but regardless of that it adds a lot to the game its fun,hard and always different. Masterpiece roguelike

Destin Hintz

the game is really fun and addictive. loved it but I cant choose any of the mods. it doesn't load.

Rachelle Ernser DDS

Great game, however; some of the AD's are nsfw, why is this? Also, controls can sometimes be super annoying, as in 'too sensitive'

Wilbert Bartoletti

Great version of the game. Lots of fun. The payment to support the game is reasonable. You do run out of food fast. If you can't find the food portion on each level, food can quickly become a problem. Maybe put 2 portions on the first few levels or randomly put an extra food on a level 30% or 40% of the time and/or decrease the chance the deeper you go. Great game!