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Kiss Game : Touch Her Heart

When you meet a girl.That is a question : How to start talking with her ? If you have a nice talk . That may touch her or even fall in love with you.If you have a bad talk,it may over.So do you a love master ? let's have a try.

for the math problems

3+(19-6) = ? the answer is A 16 , because 19-6 = 13 , and 3+13 = 16.

5X(2-8) = ? the answer is C -30 , because 2-8 = -6 , and 5x(-6) = -30.

16-6x3+7=? the answer is C 5 , because 6X3 = 18 , 16-18 = -2, -2+7 = 5.

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Mrs. Thora O'Conner

it's sexy but they should be romantic, sexy and we can say and he will listen he also talk,and we should be able to do every thing and why the boy is in dress he should be in ander ware and after a while they shouldn't wear dress or anything and the boy should remove the clothes and it would appear ...... and even girl should do the same. in love from where did the math sums would be more sexy.

Augusta Ryan IV

sorry!!! but i dont like it... its boring... no form of excitment..... Dont see this point of this game no offence but please inprove it!!!jus uninstall it. waste of time😒 lucky a wifi mi use not data

Dr. Helene Moore PhD

whis is so bad and you can only play 3 games and it suck and why is the girl in her ander ware wile see was backing a cake and she is in her ander ware wile she is doing maths and why are she doing maths,are she in grade 11.

Sally Langworth

why...EVER THOUGHT ABOUT KIDS MAN? what if they have seen this on the app store?? kids first mature stuff later REMEMBER THAT PLEASE

Colton Harvey

i juat downloaded it. it ok....beaten within 5-6 minutes. i dont mind becoming a game tester i woild be cool testing games like this and many more

Sanford Thiel

when i got to level 2 it kept on asking me the same question over and over again it is just a waste of my time

Brittany Connelly

i agree with you . it is funny and they auctuly do want to have sex.

Thaddeus Heathcote

This game is so boring g and so simple is rated 16 but I'm sure a 5 year old could do this

Mara VonRueden

Looks like I wandered into the wierd part of the Google Play app store.

Mr. Dennis Jacobi II

you can't even get past level 2 it's a waste of your time and waste of data.

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    Apr. 29, 2019
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    Android 14 and above
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