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Package Name: com.seacloud.dc

Developer: Seacloud Software

Category: Free Parenting Apps

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Requirements: Android 10 and above

File Size: 7.4M

Daily Connect (Child Care) Screenshot
Daily Connect (Child Care) Screenshot
Daily Connect (Child Care) Screenshot
Daily Connect (Child Care) Screenshot
Daily Connect (Child Care) Screenshot

Daily Connect (Child Care)

Daily Connect allows parents and child care centers to easily communicate. It is the replacement to the information daily sheet and much more.

As soon as an event is saved, it is immediately synchronized on each parent and caregiver account. Everybody has access to the information in real time.

You can record not only feedings, nursing, naps, diapers, milestones, pumping, but also the baby’s mood, temperature, what kind of game he’s playing, his gps location, and attach pictures. A web interface is also accessible for free at http://www.dailyconnect.com, so parents and and child care centers don't need the app on their phone to view and enter information.

Daily Connect helps giving a better care for the child thanks to a better knowledge of his rhythm and a better communication between each caregiver.

For child care centers:
- Parents are less worried leaving their child to you
- Easier communication in between caregiver shift change
- Improve parent satisfaction by giving them detailed information and peace of mind
- Better accuracy of record, better parent retention, better communication with them
- Competitive edge on your peers
- Easy and rapid entry of information with one touch / one click interface
- No more lost or incomplete daily sheets

Parents know immediately what their kid is doing during the day. They don't have to wait for the end of the day to find out what happened. They can connect to their account anytime, whether they are at work, at home or away on a trip. It reduces the anxiety of being away from the child not knowing what's happening. Parents will be less stressed and more relaxed leaving their child at the day care.

Parents can also enter information when the baby is at home. For instance they can tell when the baby woke up in the morning before going to the day care, or when and how much he ate. The day care staff will also have access to this information. This information trail is also useful for day care shift change, and when the baby is going back home.

The information from previous days is easily accessible. Parents and caregivers can easily see what happened the previous day to find out if new patterns are emerging. For instance changes in the nap schedule, or a new feeding habit. They can also see what activity the child has done the previous day to develop a new activity or a new skill the next day.


* Easily track feeding (bottle, nursing, solid food), diapers, sleep, activities, mood, milestones
* Track pumping and expressed milk
* Track doctor visits, medicines, vaccines, sickness, weight, height, head size.
* Automatically synchronize data between accounts over the Internet
* Display graphical charts of the baby's activities
* Display growth charts with percentile comparison.
* For Preemies, percentiles are calculated with the birth date or with the due date.
* Timer to track naps, activities, feeding session, mood and nursing duration. The last nursing side is indicated as a reminder.
* Easy to use! Log entries with just a tap
* Easily view past entries
* Email formatted reports, graphs and Excel-compatible .csv files to spouses, doctors and nannies/sitters.
* Enter free-form notes
* Upload child photo, indicate birthday, blood type and allergies
* Track as many babies as you like, setup as many parents and caregivers as you like
* holds unlimited data
* More than 100 built-in activities descriptions. Descriptions can be customized, new descriptions can be added
* Setup Push notifications
* Send your gps location, display the location on a map
* The application has been designed for maximum security. Everything is password protected.

Daily Connect has the same features as its sister application 'Baby Connect'. An account created on Baby Connect can be used on Daily Connect. An event saved with Daily Connect will be synced on the Baby Connect App.

Visit http://www.dailyconnect.com for more info.
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  • 1 day ago Samantha Hinton

    easy to use, like how it has the timer for when the last time something was - wish the android widget worked. every time I use it, it errors out on my samsung phone and tablet.

  • 2 days ago Thomas Jacobson

    Very quick. UI could be improved a little, but that's not a major issue

  • 3 days ago Devon Berman

    i wish i could hide \u0026 expand the Recent Entries list. and the messaging is a bit weird because it doesn't default to a Conversation View. otherwise I like the app.

  • 6 days ago David Price

    perfect app for childcare communications

  • 6 days ago Matthew Organek

    app is useless. worst childcare app available.

  • 1 week ago Jeni Margules

    love the updates and it's super intuitive to use!

  • 3 weeks ago Bartina Seraphin

    The app ask me to register and everytime I put my email it's saying that it's invalid mind you I'm clicking on create account so that I can have my daycare parent's can be added and see what's going on with the child daily. I'm a childcare provider the owner for my daycare I went online and was able to register. Then it ask me to register my child in which I did. Now I will see if I can invite parents or do I need to go back on the computer to do this as well.

  • 3 weeks ago Chad Ladensack

    I get blasted with notifications like a machine gun. Literally back to back. Fix the notification problem and 5 stars are coming.

  • 1 month ago Abbey Cooper

    has been brilliant for me as i suffer with anxiety so knowing im kept in the loop the whole time hes there is brilliant

  • 1 month ago monica holmquist

    r w a pi as