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The SYFY app is the best place to catch the most recent season of your favorite SYFY shows and watch tons of great movies, available live and on demand! Download the SYFY app now to watch full episodes of The Magicians, Krypton, Futurama, Happy!, AND MANY MORE!

SYFY and USA network are the new home of the Harry Potter franchise! You’ll find all the great content in the “Wizarding Word” folder in the app. If you don’t see the films in the SYFY app, check out the USA Network app! We’ll be sharing the movies between the two apps to bring the content to as many people as possible!

Get started by signing in with your TV subscription (cable, satellite or digital). The SYFY app supports most TV providers, including DirecTV, Xfinity, Spectrum, AT&T, and Dish.

• Sign in with your TV subscription to watch full episodes of your favorite SYFY shows.
• Stream new episodes live from within the app!
• Chromecast and AirPlay compatible! Start episodes in the app and stream to your TV.
• Can't finish an episode in one sitting? The app saves your place so you can resume watching later!
• Save your favorite shows to your Watchlist for quick access to the latest episodes.

Please reach out to [email protected] for assistance.

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* This app features Nielsen proprietary measurement software which will allow you to contribute to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings.
* To learn more about our digital measurement products and your choices in regard to them, please visit for more information.

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Ayla Haley

1. Doesn't work on Google devices, anytime you click on an item once opened it immediately closes the entire app. 2. The options upon closure are to close or send feedback, however the feedback selection doesn't work. 3. The list of cable providers which you must select from to use the app are randomly listed and there are hundreds of them so it takes forever to set up. 4. The watchlist feature does not work on app as in the app directions. (Was able to install on Amazon devices) 5. Once you have selected a movie there are a bunch of commercials which you can not fast forward through. 6. If you close the movie part way through it doesn't save it but rather you must start it from the beginning and while you can fast forward through the movie, you have to watch all the commercials again. 7. Fast forward and reverse if used frequently results in the movie stopping and you have to go through commercials again when you reopen in attempt to get back. 8. Review on this also just disappeared the first time I wrote it and I had to rewrite it from the start! This is without question the worst cable provider app I have ever used

Dr. Murphy Mayert

Awful app, I only use it because it's the quickest way to watch new episodes from the shows I like. Has way too many ads (around 15 ads each 45 minute episode), crashes all of the time and says the show is unavailable (which results in me watching even more ads), and doesn't have that great of an interface. The app would be much better if there were less ads and it was more stable.

Dr. Edwardo Gottlieb

When the app works it seems to have a good setup. But once you add a series to your favorite list it actually seems harder to locate and load. Loading anything is slow. Streaming seems good quality, but if I loose service it doesn't save where I left off viewing, but starts all over. It only saves my spot if I leave the app deliberately and entirely. Then I have to be very careful where I touch to pick up viewing or it starts over anyway. All this assuming the app even opens after many attempts.

Dejon Miller

In spite of numerous reviews warning me, I thought, \"Why not try the Syfy app?\" After loading, it immediately locked up. (But wait, it gets, well, worse...) After turning it on and off several times, I try the search (dis) function, which apparently didn't get the memo for what shows are on. (Ironic lack of basic tech considering \"Science\" is part of the title of the network.) And then the search locks my keyboard \u0026 only one season will play. Reviews are correct - waste of time. App deleted.

Donna Balistreri

This app is a raging dumpster fire. Impossible to easily navigate to actually watching a show, too many ads during shows and playback issues- if you pause and come back to resume, might as well start over, because you will watch 5 minutes of ads only to have sync issues, if video resumes at all. Tested on multiple devices, same experience. App needs to be completely overhauled to be on a par with any other streaming service in 2019.

Raleigh Jacobs

Watching shows on this app is painful. It doesn't remember my place. It constantly kicks me out, meaning I have to go back into the same recording and fast forward (again) to the approximate spot I was and watch all the ads again. It did this to me no fewer than 20 times in the course of a 44 hour show. I wish I could give it negative stars.

Amparo Brakus V

If you like watching more Ads than an actual TV show, this app is for you! Only here can you watch a show for 5 minutes, get blasted with 6 ads, only to watch the show for another 5 minutes only to get shown another 5 ads! Lose internet connection while watching ad 5/6? No worries, this app will start all the ads over after it takes 10 minutes to buffer with unlimited 4g! This App would be great if there was only one or two ad periods during a single episode, not 7.

Dr. Dameon Kiehn II

No exaggeration: this is THE worst app I've ever used. The search bar is broken and does nothing. It took me 8min to open the episodes on a show, and there's no clear button that brings you to the episodes. I cant open the episodes at all from my watchlist. It's incredibly laggy and freezes my phone. If I'm pushing something from the app to the Chromecast and I open the app at all, it restarts whatever I'm casting to the beginning. I can't pause anything, either, without it restarting. TERRIBLE!

Baylee Moore

Initially I had a decent experience with the app, for about a month of use; after about a month, the app would just crash immediately upon loading. I've filed numerous reports with the developers, yet the app is still unquestionably broken. Which is a shame because when it works, in my opinion, it worked just fine and was quite an enjoyable experience.

Dr. Davonte Collier MD

the casting feature in the app malfunctions every single use, and about 80% of using the app results in the entire app crashing. What happens with the TV casting feature is, if you navigate to a different app during show play, and then open the syfy app again, the TV show gets reloaded to start at the beginning again. Kind of makes casting an irritating experience. 3 stars for content and existing at all. Will update review if problems are resolved.