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===== Minimum Device Requirements =====
Operating System : Android 4.1 or more
RAM : 2GB or more
Storage : 3GB Minimum
Download Patch / Update Size : 1GB
** A stable internet connection is required

Community Base Game, in Audistar Mobile you can find friends and create your own music community. You can also join other community that is already have a name to increase your social status. Lounge are also available so you can hangout with your friends and also find your true love. All of the TRENDY FASHION in Audistar can make your style cooler so you can be a Superstar, the IDOL that is beloved by everyone, and even be a trendsetter in millennial!

★ Audistar's special features ★

♫ Huge Music List: The game features many of the KPOP, JPOP, and American POP top trending songs!

♫ Game Mode: 2 most famous music game mode from all existing dance game is available for you to play. Traditional mode known as "LEGACY MODE" that is using arrows, while the modern mode known as "DYNAMIC MODE" is using the popular bubble mode to show off your skill to your community friends!

♫ Fashion Mall: Many kind of costumes and accessories, so you can show your character with many style, simple, casual, cool, so you can be more confident to become IDOL and TRENDSETTER for free.

♫ Customized Fashion: You can change your FASHION style as you please, from the color combination to add glitters so your character can be more FLASHY!

♫ Game Theme: Gives experience of nightlife. Creating an energy that will make you feel trendy!

♫ Social: You can share your fame with your friend and shows them that you are a TOP IDOL!

♫ Dance Club: A place is available for you to hangout with friends and build a free community or join the existing community that had the same mind like you to grow and be famous on top.


3D Next Generation Superstar Dance Game
Find Your True Love

Editor's Note

Audistar Mobile has designed and announced by Indofun Games. The company who the designed and launched has a wisely knowledge about applications and you will not regret after you download the apk file from our website. You can download the apk file whenever or wherever you want with pretty easy steps. We also scan applications those we are providing you so you don’t have to worry if they have harmful software or viruses. After you download the Audistar Mobile apk please check out our other applications from our website.

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Clifton Murray

Top up was failed but the amount was deducted to my account. It was on Feb. 12,2019 when I try to top up on the game and it shows on the game that top up was failed but when I check my bank account balance it was already deducted. It has been 24 hours and I've already sent complain to the customer service but still there was no reply.! I need action with this immediately!

Lewis Frami IV

It takes FOREVER to load. I was waiting for a really long time. When it finally load, I tried turning the volume up but accidentally turned my device off instead. When i re-opened the app, it started ALL over AGAIN!! And i had to wait even longer! Waste of time.

Jacinthe Kuphal DDS

The best game that i love to play! Cute Hair!, and even the clothes. And yes they have some songs i even love. Thank you for making this game!. and Hey can you add the following songs if you can. 1.START DASH! 2.HAPPY MAKER 3.NO BRAND GIRLS 4.AI WA TAIYOUJANAI (From Lovelive school idol). 5.Yoohoo (Song by: Secret) 6.Raise your Glass (Song by: Pink) 7. E.T (Song by: Katy Perry) 8.Replay (Song by: IYAZ) 9.Please don't stop the music (Songs by: Rihanna). If you can! put the songs into the game! 🌟

Jessie Veum

I tried signing up but it said my email was already used but I never have played the game so there's a bug in the system somewhere

Jennifer Schmitt

I'm freaking stuck with the egg part and I already tried to get in touch with one of your team in facebook and they said that they will fix it right away. Now it's been a month but the problem is not yet solve. When I reviewed the other survey they were stuck to the egg part as well. there's really something wrong and I'm thinking to un install the app since I cannot play it.

Virgie Dooley

I've been playing for 2 weeks now and this is the first time I've experienced it. I usually logged in using my google acct without binding it since most of the game i played does it too and you won't be needing to bind it as long as you have a google acct or facebook. I only uses my data for playing and i didn't noticed that i have already used up my data. After i topped up, i started to open the game using my google acct now it says field name required? Why? And your team takes ages to respond.

Prof. Joey Pouros I

i am so pissed because i just got the game and it refuses to open. i was really looking foward to playing it but every time I open it, it closes immediately. And i had just gotten done downloading all the stuff it need to work. And i am so mad cause i waiting so long and now i dont even get to play it.😡

Marlen Hansen DVM

An amazing game where you can meet some great people, please add more songs in update

Eloise Kihn

it's a really fun kpop dancing game anybody can join and become a better dancer add more american pop and more kpop songs.

Dortha Marks

Been playing online interactive games since iDate and I always want to get what my money spent is worth. This game is average when it comes to my liking. Let's discuss spending money here. About my former games when I do recharge we get GOOD stuff like awesome sets, mounts and wings \"THAT FLY\" and freebies as part of the recharge event, every after system mainte they change events to EXCITING NEW ONES! EXCITEMENTS BRING PEOPLE DO MORE TOP UPS. Please IMPROVE your top up/consume events. Cheers. 😊