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Package Name: com.loadcomplete.bacteria

Developer: LoadComplete

Category: Free Casual Games

Publish Date:

Version: 1.08

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 65M

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Hello Yogurt Screenshot
Hello Yogurt Screenshot
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Hello Yogurt

★ A new game from Macaron Studio, the game studio that produced Kick Hero, Devil Eater, and Lonely One!
★ A simple but high-quality jumping game that will keep you immersed in the world of science!

[The Beginning of the Experiment]
- The Story of Mechnikov, Father of Lactobacillus and Best Student of Pasteur -
** This game is inspired by true historical events.

"I have discovered the secret to preventing old age: lactobacillus.
I must now succeed in sending it alive to the human intestines."

My master, who not only bestowed me the gift of knowledge
but also treated me as his own son, passed away to old age.
Ever since his departure a question haunted me:
why must humanity be cursed by old age and death?
Thus I embarked on my long quest: to find a way to prevent old age.

At last I discovered what would become the focus of my experiment: 'super lactobacillus,'
which inhibited the production of toxins and healed diseases within the human body.
Now I must succeed in sending the lactobacillus alive to the intestines.

[Key Features]
◈ Become one with the lactobacillus!
In order to become 'super lactobacillus,'
jump in time to survive and safely reach the intestines!

◈ A Variety of Stages
Embark on a journey through the human body!
A brave new world will unfold the deeper you go...

◈ A Variety of Characters
Meet 20 and more lactobacillus in the laboratory:
a colorful array of characters that will enhance your gaming experience!

'Hello Yogurt' requires access to the following permissions in order to provide the best gaming experience.

● Required to save and load game data.
● Required to save and edit videos and screenshots from the game.

2. Contacts (GET_ACCOUNTS)
● Required to access and use Google Play game services (Achievements, Leaderboard).

3. Microphone (RECORD_AUDIO)
● Required to record videos through the official community.
Editor's Note

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  • 6 hours ago MemzIcon

    Really fun time waster

  • 17 hours ago ecd 123

    so far I made it through the throat and it's a pretty cool game

  • 1 day ago Faye angela Pansalin


  • 1 day ago Bum Gamer17

    amazing love it

  • 2 days ago viktor viktor

    Great game but the turtorial is WAAAY too long

  • 2 days ago ok channels

    Well it makes me go to the mouth

  • 3 days ago June Reynolds

    I love this game so much very addicting. I love all of the characters, the areas are cool too. I love the game. whomever made \"Hello Yogurt\" thank you for the amazing game!

  • 3 days ago shaira fe hayudini

    Awesome game

  • 4 days ago Katelyn Tan

    Honestly, this is my favourite game ever. The story is fun and the game is quite educational. Don't worry if you are bad at first, you will get better with practice over time! Plus, there are almost no advertisements to be seen which is great :) I highly recommend that you try it out! Im still stuck at the chocolate level though so advice may not be best from me hehe

  • 4 days ago Ash and Pals Channel

    So Relaxing and Fun!