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Hello Yogurt

★ A new game from Macaron Studio, the game studio that produced Kick Hero, Devil Eater, and Lonely One!
★ A simple but high-quality jumping game that will keep you immersed in the world of science!

[The Beginning of the Experiment]
- The Story of Mechnikov, Father of Lactobacillus and Best Student of Pasteur -
** This game is inspired by true historical events.

"I have discovered the secret to preventing old age: lactobacillus.
I must now succeed in sending it alive to the human intestines."

My master, who not only bestowed me the gift of knowledge
but also treated me as his own son, passed away to old age.
Ever since his departure a question haunted me:
why must humanity be cursed by old age and death?
Thus I embarked on my long quest: to find a way to prevent old age.

At last I discovered what would become the focus of my experiment: 'super lactobacillus,'
which inhibited the production of toxins and healed diseases within the human body.
Now I must succeed in sending the lactobacillus alive to the intestines.

[Key Features]
◈ Become one with the lactobacillus!
In order to become 'super lactobacillus,'
jump in time to survive and safely reach the intestines!

◈ A Variety of Stages
Embark on a journey through the human body!
A brave new world will unfold the deeper you go...

◈ A Variety of Characters
Meet 20 and more lactobacillus in the laboratory:
a colorful array of characters that will enhance your gaming experience!

'Hello Yogurt' requires access to the following permissions in order to provide the best gaming experience.

● Required to save and load game data.
● Required to save and edit videos and screenshots from the game.

2. Contacts (GET_ACCOUNTS)
● Required to access and use Google Play game services (Achievements, Leaderboard).

3. Microphone (RECORD_AUDIO)
● Required to record videos through the official community.

Editor's Note

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Sibyl Nitzsche

it's a good game. The story and the grafics are awesome. I can't seem to get past 10. Stomach.. I wish that there wasn't an automatic fail if you fell in the holes.. Like move past it especially if I get a propeller boost.. Wish it would last a little longer or something..

Candelario Smith

Had a lot of promise but my phone wasn't handling it well at some points which caused me grief ingame, so I thought I'd change the graphical options. But instead I had to play through 10 minutes of tutorial before it would let me click the settings, only to find no graphics options. Huge disappointment. Guess it's back to Alto.

Mr. Johnnie Stanton DVM

The game is very adorable and simple to play. It's also made very creatively and the graphics are nice and cute. I'm on stage 6 and I've noticed that the levels also get progressively more difficult but the game overall is simple to play. A good time killer for those who like simple games with a little less challenge.

Anastacio Ruecker

Most addictive game I've ever played! Game includes upgrading cute characters, main one is called lactobacillus..but as you upgrade it, it's chatacteristics changed to its environment (and each environment is a level or phase in the game..). There's alot more to the game, especially what the whole concept of the game is..which is something you'll have to find out to enjoy yourself!

Gretchen McCullough III

Love this game so much! Thanks to the developer for creating such a creative and educational game. Have been hunting for a good game this month and finally found it. I love every level of the game and the game design too. So many things to love! Simple and casual and keeps you entertained. :)

Torey Lynch

A fun platformer, with cute graphics and music. along the way you learn some trivia about yogurt, digestion, and the scientist who studied it. Very informative for a game, but not great for studying. i really enjoyed this game a lot.

Mr. Franz Nitzsche DDS

The game starts out good but it becomes an AD fiesta. Past lvl15, the health depletes too quickly and you'll die even in a perfect run unless ugraded. (which requires a ton of ads/purchase) The skip mechanic is terrible design - having to watch an ad every 3 attempts due to instant death traps + above point. Paying $70 for 2mi coins isnt enough to cover all upgrades. BG Music is offbeat to the jumps .Snowman stage on has certain continuous jumps with platforms offscreen or barely time to react.e

Prof. Arlo Heidenreich

The graphics and animation are very good, but I think that just increacing HP is not enough. Add special abilities like 'cell bridge' and 'bright light'. Lactobacilli that have 2 cells (not para,taru,and diace) can make extra cell stuff to act like a bridge, hence the 'cell bridge' abylity. And for lactobacilli like casei and not acido, it has the 'bright light'abylity. 'Bright light' can reveal camoflauged thorny villi and reduce fog ocapacity by 0.5. Please add this and i'll change the rating

Tristian Schmidt

this game is so freaking amazing i must say !!!! i have learned a ton of knowledge bout lacto and its function !! thanks to this and i love it so muchh !!! keep making this type of gamess !!!! i loved playing games with science knowledge!!!

Marcella Roberts

I'm super Stoked to have found this game... it's super easy to play.. there are no bugs that I have seen... the game itself is super informative and I really feel like the fact that I can play a game with a purpose... Being based on true events it's really awesome to see this game succeed... I'm gonna make sure I get to level 70.