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Rally Health™

***Please note: The Rally Health™ app is available only to eligible Rally members. Check with your local health authority to see if they offer Rally™.***

Getting healthier just got easier with the Rally Health™ app for Android!

With the Rally Health™ app, use your phone to:

* Register for Rally, if eligible
* Take, complete, or retake your Health Survey
* Get your Rally Age and see how your habits affect your health in areas such as Nutrition, Stress, and Activity
* See personalized recommendations of simple steps you can take to improve your health
* Choose to stay logged in persistently, or log in quickly and securely each time using your fingerprint scanner or Google Smartlock
* Easily check in as you make progress on your Missions
* Earn double Rally Coins by joining the Mobile Mission of the Month
* Set your own personal reminders for each Mission
* Compete against others in fun activity- and behavior-based challenges
* Use your Rally Coins toward health-related discounts, a chance at great rewards, or to benefit a good cause
* Check out your local health authority’s rewards and incentives, if eligible
* Connect with apps and devices, or use your phone's built-in Google Fit app, to track and visualize your activity

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Marianne Mann

I just recently started using this app. What I like the most is the reminders and notifications. Getting caught up or consumed in being busy throughtout my day is why I \"fell off\" when it came to daily reporting of activities. This app has an option to set up reminders. Then you get a motivational chime after you report. Kinda like the winning chime you hear on a game show. Love it!! 😊😊😊

Dane Lakin Jr.

It's fine in that it gives you goals and tracks the Rally rewards for our HSA account. However, the way you have to check in for each goal is clunky and time-consuming. And the awards for collecting points are all but worthless. The only good awards are the ones offered as an auction, but these auctions jump so high that I can never win. I've been a member since my company starting using Rally and have yet to win anything with my points. My goal is to win one thing, then I'm quitting the app.

Sarah Gutmann

this is literally the worst app and company. if your insurance offers benefits through this app... DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. they will not give you your benefits and if you have to resolve any issues with them... forget it. they will loose every case# and say \"well I don't why why we don't have record of that call\".

Dr. Morton Gleichner

Great app! Easy to use. Makes getting active more fun. Like the options of entering sweepstakes, auction or purchasing discounts outright. I would have given it 5 stars, but it doesn't currently sync with my smart watch. I'm sure they'll fix that soon though! 😉

Mrs. Sallie Bergstrom DVM

I enjoy the Rally Health App. It helps me with making better decisions regarding my health and wellness. It also challenges me to push myself beyond just doing the minimum!

Milford Jacobs

I think this app is a great motivator! I've been using it daily to help keep me on track. I just wish it would sync with my smartwatch. I have a Samsung Gear which is not one of the linked options.

Amie Cummings

keeps you logged in, even when you log off. can't check in at the gym because it keeps the day before saying you already did it

Mr. Maxine Jenkins III

Cannot connect to internet when no other apps are having trouble. Still a joke app after updates. I could write a book about what is wrong with this app, except that they convinced your employer to sign up, which is truly genius.

Miss Sandy Marks V

Compared to other wellness apps, I'm not happy with this one. There are so many steps to check into the gym that I always forget. It should be automatic geo-tagging or at least provide a widget. I also hate checking into missions and then having to hit the back button to check into more missions. I just feel like the app has too much info/steps and so I really have no desire to get on it. Also, what if I don't want to go to the gym but run outside instead? That should count towards me getting $

Helga Weber

great way to keep track of health exercise and food intake...and easy way, if your employer supports it, to earn money for your HSA