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Growth Chart, Development Milestones & Vaccination apk

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Growth Chart, Development Milestones & Vaccination apk icon

Growth Chart, Development Milestones & Vaccination

Key Features of this app:

Growth Tracker : Can plot growth chart which will ensure about child’s growth. Parents can enter birth details for weight, height, Head circumference and then you can add growth details every month. Growth Book app will automatically plot Growth chart for your child. Parents can also share this with your family and friends. World Health Organisation (WHO) Z score are used for making this Growth Chart. This Growth standards are used throughout world. Growth chart are also available in 2 language Hindi and English.

Development Tracker : Parents will be able to check child’s development milestones according to age like 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 18 months and 1 to 5 years. Each development milestone is shown with reference photo or a video of kid with the reference age. You can also answer the development milestone according to your child, this will help you to identify any kind of developmental delay and can act early for your child. For this section we have used development milestone checklist made by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This checklist is accepted globally to check child's milestones. Development milestones are in 2 language: Hindi & English.

Vaccination Tracker : This section covers everything about vaccination. According to child's age automatically all the due vaccination will be seen. You can also click on information and you will get all the information and frequently asked questions about vaccination. List of all vaccines (including past and future will be shown). All vaccination details and information are given in Hindi as well as English.

Heath tip : Every day a new age specific health tip will come in this section. All health tips are designed and reviewed by a doctor, which ensures that each and every information is precise and correct. As your child will grow you will get a new nonfiction everyday as per child's age. In this section you also get reminders for vaccination.

Very simple & easy to use: Simplified sections for Growth chart, milestones, Vaccination and Health tips

Chat group: For this their is a link with in application setting section, where parents can join our whatsapp group. This group will help you to share and ask questions with other mothers and doctors in the group.

English & Hindi language: This makes it very convenient for user to use. Hindi language makes it to be useful for Indian Parents and English makes it a global application.

Growth Book App is developed with a vision of educating parents about child’s growth and development.
This app will guide parents about the normal growing pattern for children with age group 0 to 5 years.
You can track your child’s height, weight, head circumference, arm circumference,
development milestones as well as vaccination schedule and you can act early in case of any development delay.

Why GrowthBook is different from other parenting app:
Made, edited and updated by team of doctors.
Each and every information available is very precise, scientific, reliable and accurate.
No extra gossiping and to the point information.
Easy to find and understand things in the application

According to National Family Health Survey 4 (NFHS) 2015-16 data, 35.7 percent of 0 to 5 child are underweight. This application "GrowthBook" is a simple tool by which each and every parent can easily identify their child growth status and prevent any kind of morbidity and mortality.

Today, lot of articles and blogs are available on net. Many of them lack specificity and scientific advise and information. As this application is made and reviewed by Doctors including Pediatricians all the information provided is very precised and scientific.

About Developers:

We are a group of doctors who have came up with an idea of bringing this smart app. Our aim is to provide correct information in most simplest way so that parents can ensure growth & development of their child in right direction.

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Demario Mayert DDS

it's a good app with a good idea but when you are dealing with a newborn, it's the last thing on your mind. the best part is the what's app group you get to join. you can chat with other parents that also joined the group and doctors that work for the app. please be aware that they cannot diagnose through the app, only give suggestions and recommendations, ultimately if you think there is something wrong with your child, go see a pediatrician

Weston Hegmann I

the most amazing app i have ever opened.. i am not the type to review apps but the dedication, the help that the doctors of this app are helpful to people is just amazing this is something they need an award for..congratulations team for a beautiful job..

Miss Chelsie Schiller

very good and helpful app. I connected to doctors groups via WhatsApp they are truly the best , provides quick response and reply to all your queries. app helps you monitor and track you baby bmi. overall I'm extremely happy and satisfied. thanks a ton.

Florencio Waters

Must app for parents. All necessary details for child like vaccination, growth tracker, month wise development changes are very effectively presented via photographs \u0026 videos. Also app itself is user friendly \u0026 UI is perfect. Kudos to admin for such a nice application...

Garrett Bechtelar

Innovative idea of application and helpful for tracking baby's growth and milestones. Its user friendly and can easily track and maintain the record. And yes has both hindi and english language so a large group of people can access it. handy to use

Jarred Walsh II

Not useful. No tip came. After answering yes/no 23 times, the written result or something, only showed for a few seconds and did not give me time to finish reading it. I'm uninstalling it after this.

Nathanael Prosacco III

best app ever! must have it. oh ya, one thing, could you please to add new menu to add some notes about baby? like little diary for the baby maybe 😁

Meagan Bosco

The group is really great and useful. Dr's are there to offer advice at all times, it's a relief for a first time mom like myself.

Al Conn

Very good app for new parents. Quick response to every query. Easy way to ask all the doubts we have in our minds.

Roxane Daniel PhD

In motherhood is so hard Bt this app is so much help full for me n of course us. Growth chart is best app 4 ever. Thank you so much 4 this wonderful app.