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Aquatic Craft: Ocean Princess Mermaid Sea Games apk

Download Aquatic Craft: Ocean Princess Mermaid Sea Games apk for free.

Aquatic Craft: Ocean Princess Mermaid Sea Games apk icon

Aquatic Craft: Ocean Princess Mermaid Sea Games

Let’s see who live under waters of a deep blue sea! Find a mermaid kingdom and go on an underwater adventure! Explore ocean world, go on a date, fall in love and dress up like a princess at sea! Take part in the royal wedding or build a whole underwater kingdom! Don’t hesitate any longer to discover one of the best mermaid dress up & fashion games! Play Aquatic Craft for free!

Big, underwater girls craft game!
Where’s eden island archipelago? Find out in the funny craft games for girls and boys! Dive in the ocean games and seek mermaid city! Building there a real mermaid castle is a really bright idea – so do so! Or not, it’s your love choice to build big craft city or find a date and fall in love instead! Go on an sea adventure and become the greatest mermaid princess ever! Find pirate ship, love boat or underwater mine ruins during sea quest and restore it to become the richest person on the ocean island! Play Aquatic Craft – games for girls and boys!

Mermaid swimming, mermaid girl – mermaid world!
Take care of ocean animals and create sea zoo! Decide – fish zoo, sea pet world or deep mine where you can let live your pets live there! What’s better than crafting & building mermaid games for girls and boys? You can establish sea pet world, sea zoo or anything you can design! City building + ocean games and mermaid = girls craft game of your dreams! Take care of interior home design of your mermaid castle, go to the hairdresser and dress up like a real fashionista! Everything’s possible in girls craft game – even sea hero quest! Download Aquatic craft for free!

Set up an beach party and find a boyfriend!
Mermaid princess is interested in ocean adventure, sea pet world, sea hero quest BUT need a glamour look in all conditions! Dress up games let you choose the best hairdresser, spa and your fashion taste! Don’t look like you just came from deep mine quest and visit a mermaid hair salon! Find a blocky sea pet or go on a date and fall in love with a handsome boyfriend who i s a sea hero! Mermaid princess and triton prince spending sea time during ocean games adventures… sounds epic! Play Aquatic Craft – dress up, date and fall in love in big craft games!

Aquatic Craft features:
🧜‍♀️ Underwater castle of mermaid princess!
🧜‍♀️ Dress up games, building games, mermaid games – all in one!
🧜‍♀️ Crafting & building in the ocean empire!
🧜‍♀️ Sunken pirate ship, mythical love boat and pirates eden island!
🧜‍♀️ Sea pet world in old, deep mine of sea sand!
🧜‍♀️ Awesome sea hero quest with your beloved prince!

Hey! Let’s go on the most epic love adventure ever! Download Aquatic Craft for free and play one of the funniest sea hero games for girls and boys ever made!

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Lorna Mosciski

this game is super fun!!!I love it so much. it's such a good upgrade compared to the other one. I love the idea and the tail movement. but just add a few more items. and make them interactive. also can you make remove ads free,so all you have to do is watch like 8 ads or something?there are WAY TOO MANY ADS! Aslo,when you love a pet or merman/maid,can it just follow you until you say to stop. I'd rather not have to fill the bar back up.but overall,I love it!👍👍👍👍

Frank Jerde

This is not a child friendly game. It was fun at first until you start talking to the \"robot\" mermaids/mermen who swim around. It claims that they are just robots that you can talk to and not real people and that they aren't stealing your information. HOWEVER, one of them said \"I've been waiting for you\" which is strange, and it continued to ask personal information. It even asked my location, name, age, etc.

Mable Ruecker IV

why do we only get 100 blocks it the worst deal ever I hate ads and Don't want to watch one just so I can get more of them. Your ratings will be a lot higher if you got rid of this stupid deal. Uninstalling

Maud Kling

i love this game so much!! it makes me happy!!! 🤓

Lia Blanda

this is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Kaden Feest II

it makes me feel like I am a mermaid

Prof. Crawford Donnelly

its okay, wish u could see urself though

Roger Osinski

Fun You can build a house or you can suffocate your self under some sand.

Rowland Kutch

it was amazing and u can say what ever u want

Desmond Gleichner

This game was fun and stuff but it scares me when it aked my age,name,middle name,last name..It asked me where my location is and my agea and said tell me about your father..What if it askes someone that and doesnt have a father.I really love to play the game but it is scary to chat with the mermaids or mermans