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Lily Story

◆ Features

1. Lily Story is a dress up game where you can decorate the character and the background.

2. You can create a boy and/or a girl character and you can play with just one or with 2 characters.

3. You can place clothing and item however you like with a support from drag and drop user interface.

You can also delete using the same method.

( Not all items support the drag and drop feature. Please refer to the tutorial. )

4. Some clothing and item comes with a cool animation.

5. Create your own story using items, speech bubbles, and texts.

6. Share your created character with friends.

※ The game saves the data on the device. If the game is uninstalled, the data gets deleted as well.

※ All items purchased in-app will be recovered when the game is reinstalled.

※ Please see below items for help with installation issue or items not appearing after making payment.

1) Device Setting → Application → Google Play Store → Delete Data and Cache

2) If the issue persists, uninstall the game and do the 1) again and install.

Editor's Note

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Mr. Joe Morar

Absolutely amazing and you can edit the character however you like, whenever you like. So many options to choose from. There is even an entire page of just socks! It would be absolutely perfect if you could move the character limbs and body to make it pose, or have premade poses for the character to immeadiately snap into when you click it. Please do that and it will be perfect.

Destany Haley

I absolutely love the game. My friend introduced me to it and I was captivated! Even my cousins have started to play it after they saw me play it frequently. My friend and I do have a suggestion. Maybe you could merge or add some hairstyles from Pastel Girl. Both are great games! Oh and can you please add a tuxedo for the guys!

Dr. Warren Torphy

This app is awesome, I can actually customize my characters they way I'd actually like them to be, the only problem are the mouths and eyes, some of them look really weird, but that doesn't make the game bad, I'd really recommend this if you like choosing your own kind of character without having purchasing everything.

Arthur Bosco

i give it a five it is very creative me and my brother have a contest but we have themes like karate, Date, etc. so i would like you to please add a section of poses for the character becouse sometimes i dont like it to wear a jacket but want it to do a pose so please add that and also add some hand carry bags thank you so much! (Please dont make us pay not everyone can afford to pay it like us)

Arlene Funk

Very very cute! Made me and my s/o in this avatar creator, but i had an idea for an update? So the eyes, while they'e all lovely shades and shapes it would be really nice if you could change their colours, a bit like you can do with hair. Just an idea but I think it would make the experience so much better. Same could applied to clothes and accessories! Being able to rotate extra parts like letters would be really ideal as well! otherwise i love this app and want to keep using it!

Prof. Joyce Gerlach I

Yeah, so what if it's similar to Pastel Girl. This app allows for way more customization with gender and color. I love Pastel Girl, but its purpose is in the title. It only really allows you to make cutsie pastel girls whereas this game is the company's shot at more of a general character customizer. I personally don't have any problems with it (sorry for those currently dealing with game crashes, I hope it clears up for you all soon ;^;) and I've made some cute characters. 4/5 stars!!

Claud Predovic

This app is great and functions correctly. Although I wish we could possibly have more customization options. The boy's don't get much items to customize with and I wish this app had the Pastel Girl's items in it. You should add Pastel Girl's items and the items we need to pay for and then it'll be perfect. Paying for clothes on an app is pretty stupid if you ask me so please give if off for free instead. It has a wide variation of saving your characters and tons of clothing options though.

Dr. Bernita Turcotte PhD

Lily Story is a great game, if you didnt know, by the same company that made Pastel Girl. Unlike some negative reviews I do not experience loading problems at all, that may be an issue on your mobile devices part. The customizations are plentiful like Pastel Girl! My only real criticisms are that I wish there were more masculine eye options \u0026 hairstyles, the eyes in general arent as appealing as Pastel Girl's, and eyebrow color options would be great (not paid if possible). Overall, 4*. :)

Rosella Ziemann

my experience was horrible. i have played so many game in my life and this was one of the horriblest. the creator of this game is horrible at making games thats for sure. i mean at first itself the game is taking a long time to load. dont play this game people its really bad and takes a lot of mb in your device

Dejah Funk

I think this is adorable and the fact that you can save 600 in app is cool. Things are added often which is great and exciting for me. I took away one star because you can't layer things the way I think you should be able to layer them. You can't put stickers behind, only in front. That's sort of thing.