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Epic Monsters : IDLE RPG

Here come Epic Monster Heroes from legends, myths, folklore, and ghost stories from all over the world!
Brand new Idle Role Playing Game (Idle RPG) You can play with people from around the world!
Now join Epic Monsters and build your own monster team!

• 🔱 SUMMON monster heroes to build your own powerful team!
• 🗡️ BEAT endless enemy waves. Clear as many stages as possible!
• 💪 Upgrade your monster heroes with souls!
• 👻 PRESTIGE to harvest souls!
• 🏛️ MAKE your monsters more powerful in the Town.
• 🔮 COLLECT relics to make your monster heroes stronger!
• 🔨 CRAFT & ENCHANT your monsters' equipment!
• 🏆 COMPETE with players from around the world in various leagues!
• 🎁 GET daily reward! Don't miss it!

• 🔱 All monsters are familiar but unique!
- Here come monsters from legends, myths, and folklore from around the world!
- Collect Demon, Undead, Ghost, and Beast type monsters!
- Each monster has traits and skills consistent with its background story!

• 🕹️ Easy-to-Learn Gameplay!
- Very simple RPG to enjoy without any tutorial or walkthrough!
- Just tap buttons to play without any complicated control skill!
- Control your team with various assistant features!

• ⚔️ Spectacular Battle of Monster Heroes!
- Build your own massive team of up to 150 monster heroes!
- Experience large-scale battles up to 150 vs. 150!
- Flashy and unique monster skills!

• 🌟 Simple but Profound Growth System!
- A simple system of collecting souls harvested by prestige (re-birth)!
- Make your monsters stronger through the Spell Tower, Forge, Camp and etc!
- Collect a variety of relics boosting various attributes!

• 💤 Brand New Idle RPG in a New Era!
- Easy-to-understand economic system!
- IDLE system that plays automatically, even while offline!
- Automatic stage progress and gold supply!

• 🏆 Play with People from around the World!
- Various game leagues to show off the power of your monster team!
- Cooperative modes to enjoy with friends from all over the world!
- Global Idle RPG for players around the world!

We ask for the following permissions for smooth game-play:

- Permission to save/load game data to external storage.
- Permission to load and display in-game ads and customer service.
- Permission for push notification, game account, and account information sync.

• If you have any question about the game, please send an e-mail to [email protected]
• If you send an e-mail through the in-game customer service, we can respond to your inquiry more quickly because your ID & device information will be included. If you can't contact us through the in-game customer service, be sure to include your ID in your e-mail message.

Privacy Policy: https://www.hinode-studio.com/privacy-policy/en
Terms of Service: https://www.hinode-studio.com/terms-of-service/en

Editor's Note

Epic Monsters : IDLE RPG has designed and announced by Hinode. The company who the designed and launched has a wisely knowledge about applications and you will not regret after you download the apk file from our website. You can download the apk file whenever or wherever you want with pretty easy steps. We also scan applications those we are providing you so you don’t have to worry if they have harmful software or viruses. After you download the Epic Monsters : IDLE RPG apk please check out our other applications from our website.

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Mr. Garret Sipes II

Good, UPDATE: So after about 40-50 hours I can definitely say this game does not become \"idle\" till about the 30 hour mark, the good thing is that it is basically ad free unless you decide its worth the reward, they do not force ads on you at all and that is why it has risen to my #1 played game. Also I do not feel forced to spend irl money on it at all and haven't. It's a great formula for fun and a nice break from the ad/money grab. THANK YOU. Please never change that. Best mobile game 2019.

Connor Von

this game is so lacking it is unreal. the potential is through the roof. it falls more through the floor. for now... #1 problem stage limit for offline progression. not many game like this have it, why? because it breaks the game. smaller problem(s) lack of reward on dice game. 5 craft mats is stupid. 20 is lame. should always be 100. its not like you win much at all, which is also stupid. why not have a reward for passing go like monopoly. 1 thing right. alot of achievments +++

Breanna Batz

This is probably the most fun idle I have played. There is plenty to be active with if you want. Also the monsters are awesome. I love that any of the monsters can be super powerful instead of just a select few like most other games. Generous rewards.

Jamison Altenwerth

There are a lot of these idle side-scrolling games but I like this one very much! Not only do you collect cool monsters, but they do ranking up differently than any other game like this I've played: instead of spending countless money, ingame or even in real life, to rank up your characters to decent levels, you instead place them in the Camp which ranks them up after a period of time. I think that's pretty cool! Also the devs are quite generous with rubies.

Queen Miller

most games are a money grab but when you make a fun game like this it makes people want to support it well done

Dr. Emory Schmeler II

I really enjoy the game. Needs a faq I have no idea how to get 7-star monsters, only 6.

Carolyne Trantow

Great time killer. Love that you can have more than 12 monsters. Wish there more equipment to choose grom. Overall good game.

Ruben Kshlerin PhD

Great game thus far. Hoping there will be more monster varieties as the game is further developed.

Adriel Rippin

gets a bit repetitive but all these type of games do. this is o e of the better ones

Hildegard Bins DDS

so far so good, easy to play and pick up. just started so for the fifth star, it will have to wait a little longer