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IMVU: 3D Avatar! Virtual World & Social Game apk

Download IMVU: 3D Avatar! Virtual World & Social Game apk for free.

IMVU: 3D Avatar! Virtual World & Social Game apk icon

IMVU: 3D Avatar! Virtual World & Social Game

IMVU is a 3D avatar-based social experience with the largest 3D world and catalog to customize your look and meet new people. Chat with friends, roleplay and join a virtual world with millions of others for free!

IMVU is a virtual world simulator game and social chat. More than a life simulation, it’s a virtual life unto itself, where you can enter a 3D world with your avatar and choose your life as you want it to be.

Customize a 3D avatar, personalize your own animated emoji and message friends! Your dream life, love life and virtual life await in IMVU!

- Choose your life and customize yourself.
- 3D avatar creator lets you design yourself from top to bottom.
- Role play your virtual life however you desire - get weird, get wild, it’s all you!
- Avatar looks can change to match your style - shop without limits!

- Chat with friends from all over the world!
- Chat lobby lets you connect with players near and far.
- Avatar chat gives you full conversations that are more than instant messages.

- Chat with friends using your personal animated WithMoji.
- Online social game for you and your friends to enjoy.

- The avatar life is your life, make it what you want it to be!
- Want a love story? IMVU can be a dating simulator for your avatar’s love life.
- Role play and chat with friends to create an amazing story.

- While chatting, you can pose, add filters, and post photos to get people talking.
- Virtual chat with a range of emotes, emoji and functions

Your virtual world and virtual life await in the IMVU free app! Join today and make your avatar! 

For 3D avatar chat rooms on older devices, please follow the steps below. Please keep in mind that your experience may not be optimal.

• Tap the main navigator in the top left corner
• Tap Graphics Options
• Tap “Full 3D”

Then enter your favorite chat room and experience 3D!

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Mrs. Adah Batz

Trash scam app. Doesn't stay logged in, boring, can't do anything without being VIP or making loads of purchases, no general areas to meet people, buggy textures, and weak daily login gifts. I'd rather have no login bonuses than have bad ones. This is not a game and shouldn't be marketed as one. This is an avatar maker with no gaming elements. Deleted.

Prof. Paxton Howe

I have had past experience with this app and others like it, e.g \"Avikin Life\". This app lets you communicate with others and find out interests that you wouldnt usually share. I met one of my best friends on this app and talk to them everyday! However, sometimes the loading can take AGES! I get why though. Just I'm not a very patient person. So if you arent too patient then this app might not be for you..!

Shea Ebert

I love this game! there is so much to buy and explore, I've met some really nice people on here and I think I could share this game with my real friends also. The only thing I wish this game had was more follower spots, because at the moment you can only follow 5,000 people at once, and that's not good when you have been following everyone that follows you and then you get over 5,000 followers, but other than that this game is fantastic. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Dr. Nathanial Gislason DVM

ive updated my rating from 3 stars ro one stars. ive had issues ever since i purchased AP and the 'help center' have done nothing. i have talked with multiple people who all said different things and avoided my questions. fed up and dissapointed.

Timmothy Frami DDS

Imvu is very prone to cyberbullying. People are very rude and ages are faked. As one review said, this app is good if you are into to the ghetto/thot cliques. I do not think it's appropriate for ANY age as there is a lot of sexual harassment within the chats rooms. However, animation is great.

Mrs. Gail Stoltenberg

The app is a buggy mess. For example, I keep being moved back to the spot I landed on whenever I try to move in a room. Sometimes it won't even let me post anything unless I log off and back on again. The last time this happened, I had to uninstall and reinstall the app to fix the issue. The computer version is leagues better in every way. Seriously, don't bother with the app.

Carol Kiehn II

In case you didnt know, this game is a handy go to version of the actual app which has more features and even better graphics. The game to this is a PC game, online social virtual network. Everyine rating this bad must not know. Its great, try playin PC version. Mobile is for those who cant access a computer.

Norval Hand

first and foremost, PLEASE fix your \"BLOCKING\" system for users. makes NO sense to block someone who can STILL see your profile. the POINT of blocking someone is to not have ANY kind of contact with them. and that includes them seeing your feed. The point of blocking is to BLOCK THEM ENTIRELY! if large companies can do it properly. why cant imvu? secondly, the room bugs. glitter, sparkles and shining effects are next to nothing. Make imvu great again! I LOVE vu, but new changes are not good.

Leilani Wintheiser Sr.

this is great! its is new my new favorite game and in the future i soon hope that when u get the phone pose u can put more art in it to make look like a real phone.over all it is a good game but if someone is trying to gift me it wont work! but it is a really really good game!😊i think anyone 14 or up should be able to play this and would love it again best game ever! and they would rate this 5 stars! i rate this 5 stars if i could rate 100000000000000000000000 what ever the number is i would!!

Marlene Douglas

I absolutely love the game. I love the followers and the outfits. The outfits are both sexy and cute. You could literally turn into another person.It's a great game for making friends and hanging out with current friends. You can contact people from different places too with this game😂 it's pretty funny. It's like a second insta. Theres only one thing that I would want to happen to help improve the game. That's the amount of people you can follow. Please allow us to follow more than 5000 people

  • Author
    IMVU, Inc.
  • Publish date
    May. 03, 2019
  • Latest version
  • Requirements
    Android 19 and above
  • File Size
    Varies with device
  • Package Name
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