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Flip Lover

The Ultimate Flip Game on your phone!🏃🏃🏃
Explore the adrenaline of flipping in the air after jumping from a crazy height.

👍Realistic physics
👍Variety of cool locations
👍Wide range of skills and tricks to unlock
👍Amazing character customization
👍Hit the target like an arrow!!

Master the most unique Flips, Tricks and Jumps.😉😉😉
♥Hope you enjoy!♥

Please feel free to contact us: [email protected] and reach out to our friendly community managers.
Privacy Policy: https://tapfunstudio.blogspot.com/2018/11/privacy-policy.html
Feedback from players always makes us happy!

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Marvin D'Amore

App is causing secondary unlock screen that i didn't authorize. it runs in background after i force close the app. it also cause randoms ads to pop up while i am in other apps that don't have ads. i am taking this off my phone and will not recommend it to anyone!

Troy Rosenbaum

This is just a complete ripoff of flip trickster. The controls and game play is all the same but much worse this time even the levels are practically the same thing. Why would you waste money and resources trying to replicate something great when you could make something great from scratch. Don't rip things off, use your imagination and make your own games.

Randi DuBuque

I actually enjoyed the game for the short amount of time I had it installed, but then I noticed that I had a second lock screen and random ads popping up when the game was closed. This has to be breaking some sort of rule because random ads started popping up when I had it closed. DON'T DOWNLOAD! This game shouldn't be able to mess with my phone and give me random pop ups! I honestly hope the rating goes down because nobody should be forced to sit through 30 second ads.

Cole Becker

The graphics are good but... the controls are OK and the gameplay was quite glitchy. Like other people said in the reviews. I don't mean to be rude but very bad game. Waste of my time and storage. And this is coming from a nine year old kid that is almost ten. Very disapointing.

Jonas Jones

The physics are terrible! I cant play this as it is now. It takes so long to tilt tge character, and the fact that he slides back after he land confused me more times then probably intended. Though i also expect this to be one of those clone games that trys to copys off another popular mobile game. So i shouldn't have expected much...

Brad Swaniawski

For my opinion, I say this game is fun. I played it for a couple seconds lol. Anyways, what you do in this game is... They spawn you somewheres and you have to flip where the circle area is (you will find out what it is in the game once you play it. )

Dr. Kyra Predovic MD

Lol during the first levels, no ads. After a few levels, ads after literally every jump. You can always hit the home screen and reload the game and save time, but lets all be real and save your time by uninstalling the game. Good riddance

Therese Beatty Sr.

Absolute garbage. Been having a second lock screen randomly pop up and also pop up adds all the time no matter what im doing on my phone. After a few days of torment I traced it back to this absolutely disgusting and despicable scam of a game created by low life scum to make a quick buck off adsense. !!!!DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!

Chasity Kozey

flip lever is the best game I've ever had it is so awesome and it teaches you how to use skill it also is good because it's way better than flip trigger have so many more seats and it gets you sole Society I hope you guys have really listen to this message and if people have their say it's bad then you know what you could go do and I know how to say it and yes it's a bad thing so hopefully you guys listen to my message because it is really good and I know it's really long message so bye

Dr. Elva Herzog

The game itself is not bad, kills time and it's nice to have some sort of objective. However the ads are unbearable. Every single flip there's another ad. I dealt with it for a bit but after a while it just is ridiculous and only gets worse. Reduce the ads by a lot, and add something like upgrades for your character and this would be a decent game. As of right now it is not download worthy at all