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These are quotes to give you a jolt of timeless inspiration and nugget of wisdom from famous Stoic philosopher of the olden days. A curated list of quotes from Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus and Zeno of Citium.

Know this. Life may throw you lemons. So, be sure to make lemonade out of it. Rather than becoming a victim, overcome it with your own strength. Learn the Stoic way of life to attain boundless happiness.

✔ Marcus Aurelius
✔ Seneca
✔ Epictetus
✔ Zeno

✔ Save your favorite quotes
✔ Share your best quote to your loved one
✔ Daily notification
✔ Offline viewing when there is no internet connection
✔ Speak aloud the quote at your pleasure
✔ Minimalist UI
✔ Resources to learn about Stoicism

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Nadia Brakus I

Great app. Love the choice of quotes. more data refresh would be nice. Ad driven, but not really too intrusive for the value of the app. Use it every day. Adding this much later. I seem to be getting the quotes repeated if I look at more than one a day. Any way to pull the next quote from farther into the list than the last one I saw? Thanks. Still like the app, I just have to scroll some.

Geoffrey Rodriguez

The quotes are great, but it says you can choose your tts voice, and it doesn't use the voice I have throughout my device. I don't want to hear a droning, robotic female voice. It SUGGESTS I use a male UK voice but does not let me change it. My voice set up is through Samsung-- I don't know if that is where the problem lies or not. Fix that wee issue, and I'll change the rating.

Amos Dach

A well constructed app. I would recommend this to anyone interested in Stoicism, philosophy in general or simply want some maxims that are still very relevant and applicable to modern life. Whilst i appreciate that the number of quotes are limited by the relatively small number of Stoic philosophers, perhaps other quotes could be added which are in the general spirit of Stoicism. Just an idea.

Bridgette Fisher

It's great. I have it set up to receive a daily quote right when I wake up. Gives me a good morning thought, something to reflect on. There are some really deep quotes. Also it would be nice if more thinkers were added to the list.

Javon Leffler

Great app! Love it so much! I do have a problem, though. I don't seem to get notifications everyday. It's odd; because, my notifications for the app are turned on. Please fix this. I love this app so much. Thank you!

Destinee Goyette

I'm suspect to tell things about this app because I was born stoic, have been living as stoic and will die with stoicism. It brings every day to me a dose of light, courage, and strength!

Freida Jacobs

I enjoy it to the fullest. Eadaimonia via ataraxia is my thing now and I wouldn't have learned it or been exposed to similar things otherwise. You could say it is a game changer for me.

Jaylen Pouros

too many adds. furthermore, I have my doubts aboit the accuracy of the quotes, since i read many books from stoic philosophers and I find many differences.

Dr. Maryam Bruen

Good ideas. However I have to call BS. cuz I really don't think they had planes and pilots back in ancient Greece......

Mrs. Rosamond McGlynn

Simple, effective app. Push notifications dont always work but the app is simple enough i know how to get it, and the content compelling enough to want to do it. Enjoy the coffee ✌️