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The official BIGGBY COFFEE Mobile App is here! Yippee! This app is designed to create an awesome and unique experience with our customer rewards program, extensive menu, and other fun features!

The BIGGBY COFFEE Mobile App keeps you connected to your rewards points that are recorded on the B Happy Lounge and allows you to share your awesome experiences around the world with our fanatics through our BIGGBY Nation Tab and the photo contest!

Home: See your rewards points at a glance and test out your trivia skills!

Menu: View all of our amazing drinks and their nutritional information for those wanting to know exactly what you're sippin' on!

BIGGBY Card: All of your rewards (birthday, drink frequency points, whole bean coffee points, and free beverages) can be seen here, as well as your card’s cash balance.

BIGGBY Nation: Submit a photo to the BIGGBY photo contest for a chance to win $100 or maybe even $1,000 gift card!

Locations: Find a BIGGBY near you! Can’t find one? Sounds like you need to use the franchising tab!

Franchising: Read about how BIGGBY got started and submit a franchise form to learn more!

Feedback: Questions? Concerns? Praise? Send the BIGGBY COFFEE Fanatic Factory your thoughts!

Remember... B Happy | Have Fun | Make Friends | Love People | Drink Great Coffee!

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Makenna Conroy

App keeps force stopping and cannot get points from purchases. This is now the 4th time this app has \"crashed\" in the past month while trying to use it to get points. Not worth the headache. Going back to using the actual points card (which also now means I will loose the points I currently do have stored on the app).

Theodore Stamm

you make us diacard the physical biggby card when we add to the app. then the app keeps force closing and we lose out on point.....good stuff.

Prof. Rickey Cruickshank I

This app ate two cards worth of points I attempted to upload, and now they show zero balance even in the actual Biggby cafe. I tried to get help restoring my points but there was nothing that could be done. This app is absolute trash. Samsung Galaxy S8+

Bradly Roberts

Absolutely frustrating! I logged into the Biggby app on my Samsung S7 Edge, but my scan code came up blank; and I was not able to log in on the app on two of my iPhones (the 6 and the XS) at all! I was prompted with a failure-to-log-in message on the iOS even though I was able to on the Android (but then, no scan code). It has been frustrating, and I wanted to use the app rather than the plastic card to avoid using plastic and reduce the number of cards that I carry on a daily basis.

Willie Romaguera V

Won't Load. You all need ti fix this app! This is ridiculous! It has been awful since I started coming to Biggby a couple years ago. I spend a lot of money here because I want to support my friend (who is an owner). Should I spend my money at Starbucks since they have an app that works?

Dewitt Schmidt

I would like the app be interchangeable with my card, so if I don't have one, I can use the other, but if I add my card, it'll be deactivated \u0026 I won't do it. I won't be using the app unless you make it interchangeable.

Jana Greenholt Sr.

every time i press my bigby card the app force closes.

Silas Murazik DVM

i had to reduced a star as the app loads my card slow when trying to use the app to get my coffee. nonetheless, I'll definitely recommend using this app. given it 4 stars! 😀

Carey Wyman

Definitely needs more work. I can't even get past my first login, it stays stuck on a loading screen.

Prof. Meaghan Kozey PhD

So slow it crashes itself. I added my BIGGBY card to the app and it erased my physical card info. And again, the app is so slow I can't access the digital card now.