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Good Night Hippo

Very often, when the night comes and everybody says goodnight, you don't want to sleep. It is a feeling that something is missing. And really, there is not always enough good mod, one beautiful picture , a small interesting task, and, of course, an interesting story - good night fairy tale are also missing. That's why our beloved Hippy has a special fairytale. Hippy has come to wish goodnight and gift an interesting interactive fairytale for all members of the family.

Educational games for kids and family are renewed with a new interesting story about Hippo town. Today we are going to learn what are they doing before going to sleep. All Hippo citizens are really different and have a lot of various tasks, which they need to do before sleeping. Somebody likes to play and watch beautiful pictures in the book. Another citizen likes to invent interesting stories, and somebody just sets a noisy alarm, to wake up earlier and do nothing. Visit every citizen and help them to manage their urgent tasks. Perform interesting tasks, put the citizens to their beds and say them goodnight. When all the citizens are already asleep, you could also go to bed. When the night is outside, and you don't want to sleep, interactive Hippo lullaby will help you. A kind Hippo wish goodnight to everybody. And don't forget to set an alarm not to oversleep in the morning and not to miss a lot of interesting and important things!

Our interactive good night fairy tales are suitable for all the ages, for both kids and adults. This interactive story is suitable for all the family! Furthermore, this new game, as well as all our educational family games, is absolutely for free! Stay tuned, stay with us and have fun playing our free educational family games with your relatives.

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Dr. Dandre Bayer

kids love to let hippo go to bed the same time they go 😁

Ms. Ernestina Ruecker Jr.

i like this very much it was so so beutiful

Akeem Konopelski

This will teach you a lesson not to go to bed late ever again

Daphney Skiles

i like this game alot and I think u should get it πŸ˜‹πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ€žπŸ€£πŸ˜

Vesta Runolfsson

its very nice game i love hippo very much

Allie Barrows

I am your friend you to.

Missouri Ondricka

This game is like the show Peppa Pig. But trying to put them to sleep. The game was pretty boring and to be honest kinda stupid My brother was trying to go to sleep not continue saying \"Thats Peppa pig\"

Dr. Raleigh Stehr I

I guess i like it idk

Donnell Gusikowski

Its fun I love it its good for kids like me