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Roav DashCam is a device that can record everything that happens on the road. It provides the best proof of any accidents so that drivers can avoid any insurance hassles.

How Roav DashCam works
Roav DashCam will activate when your car starts. When the memory card gets full, it will remove the oldest file before creating a new one to work continuously.

How the app works
Download and share recorded videos by connecting your mobile phone with the app via the built-in WiFi.

Feel free to contact support at su[email protected]

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Mrs. Frederique Vandervort DDS

I haven't used the app too much but so far so good. I use it with my C2 Pro and everything seems to run well. You have to download the video clips to your phone to watch them without being connected to the camera, which it seems some people haven't figured out yet. Once downloaded you can find them in the 'local storage' section, otherwise it will only been viewable by clicking on your camera, while it is connected.

Emerald Effertz

The ao is exceptional. set up was easy. Controls worked smoothly \u0026 crisp. WiFi set up was flawless. Video access and playback worked without issues. set it to a 5 min loop, worked the full 5 min everytime. love this dash cam. I installed a 64GB MicroSD class10, 100mb transfer speed. I didn't give it a five star rating because I couldn't control the volume. and when I accessed their \"feedback \" setting the email crashed.hahahah!

Monty Cremin

Nice for what it is. Overall dont like the fact the video is stored locally on the device even if in wifi mode further you have to be connected via wifi. additionally the wifi radius is small not 20 ft away and it disconnects. if it is truly wifi if i stay connected and my office is about 100 ft away it shiuld still connect if there us power. Like i said concept is okay price is average i think they could do more for functionality.

Jean Bednar

i bought it for my 18 big rig. I've had past video cameras that were garbage and broke the first week. I really like the WiFi phone to camera feature. you can EASILY CONTROL THE MOUNTED VIDEO CAMERA from your smart phone and quickly upload any saved video instantly. I LOVE IT ❤️😘💙

Asia Osinski DVM

For the love of all things holy, please let us have control over the volume of the sounds and whether or not we want verbal announcements or just beeps! Turned the sounds off originally because it's massively, ear piercingly loud, but the the thing stopped working randomly and I had no audible notification. Just not so loud, ok?!

Estell Marvin

been working excellently up to now. Samsung S9 upgraded to Android 9 and app will not connect since. Dash cam shows phone symbol but app will not connect. Old phone S6 on android 7 connects ok, but don't have that on me all the time. Must be the upgrade to android 9.

Remington Walter III

I received a popup advertisement in the app. I did not ask to receive advertising and do not see a way to opt out. I paid good money for this dash cam and I expect to be able to use it without being advertised at.

Retta Schmitt

Easy to use and connect. Would be 5 stars if the rotation of the app wasn't so sensitive. Moving the phone ever so slightly will put the video into landscape mode. Kind of annoying, but overall good experience.

Krystal Muller

best camera ever, it does exactly what I need and when I need it. the video is very clear. you can even pinch to zoom in whole watching the recording! I highly recommend this camera and app to anyone!

Annalise Hamill II

The app is very stable and responsive and cleanly designed. However, the video downloading and sharing is not that great. You can only download videos, and you can only trim a video if you are sharing it to YouTube or Facebook, not the ones saved on your device. I am switching from Yi dash cam and their app was far superior in this regard. I was able to delete video from app and when I downloaded to the phone is when I was able to trim the clip which meant no wait for 1GB 10min file