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Package Name: com.gamecake.gameone

Developer: GameCake

Category: Free Trivia Games

Publish Date:

Version: 2.6.1

Requirements: Android 19 and above

File Size: 74M

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Emoji Charades Screenshot
Emoji Charades Screenshot
Emoji Charades Screenshot
Emoji Charades Screenshot

Emoji Charades

Emoji Charades is a zany party game that is great for friends, families. Turn your living room into a trivia madhouse, as you describe trivia to each other using nothing but emoji. You'll need two devices to be able to play. Connect one phone and use it to type emoji, while everyone else in the room shouts guesses at them. Score as many points as you can until the timer runs out, then pass the phone along! This game is fun for all ages and offers 27 different trivia categories. From Animals to Fictional Places, to Horror Movies to Junk Food, we're sure you’ll find a favorite that you will completely dominate at. You can play with 2 or more people, but we recommend at least 4 for the best experience.

Assemble the troops. Connect your phone or tablet to another device. Turn your living room into a game room for everybody!

Keep those fingers nimble - how many phrases can you describe before time runs out?

Translate your friends' emoji riddles to score points!

We've got new trivia packs coming out every month. Keep your eyes peeled! Subscribe to notifications to be the first to hear about each monthly update.

Shhh. What?

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 6, AppleTV 4, AppleTV 4K, AppleTV 2 & 3 with Airplay, Mac Computers, Android, Comcast Xfinity X1
Editor's Note

Emoji Charades is a pretty useful app whenever you need it to use. You can download the latest version of the app which is 2.6.1 from our website for free. Emoji Charades apk can be installed to any android devices such as smart phones, tablets etc. You also can check out the website by clicking the link in the description that we put for you in case if you wonder or need. Supported android versions are Android 19 and above. Also please don’t forget that we provide you to download original apk file faster than any other platform that you are going to find. Thank you for choosing our website. Don’t forget to check out other apps those we provide at best maximum download speed.


  • user Jorge Garcia apkdeer profile image
    2 weeks ago Jorge Garcia


  • user Michelle Stallings apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Michelle Stallings

    Most of these critical reviews don't understand that this a companion app for the game and not the game itself. If you know Jackbox, it is similar where you buy the game on PC and use your phone to play via the website. This you buy the game on PC and play with the app. It is local play only because you have to pass the phone around.

  • user Yolanda Teabout apkdeer profile image
    1 month ago Yolanda Teabout

    This is the worst app I've used it doesn't even connect to the other player even when your right next to each other it should be zero starts hate it

  • user Keefer Gwen apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Keefer Gwen

    It should not be any money on anything 😡😡

  • user Reem Saleh apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago Reem Saleh

    So good

  • user April B apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago April B

    Fun game but is not compatible with multiple phones. Requires passing one phone around to type hints.

  • user TheDoritoKing 48 apkdeer profile image
    2 months ago TheDoritoKing 48

    Won't work it goes out of the app when I connect it works with my phone

  • user Danny Gilpin apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago Danny Gilpin

    I cant play 😭

  • user Rich Rowan apkdeer profile image
    3 months ago Rich Rowan

    Can't connect to Chromecast on Android. Rubbish! U can with an iPhone which is stupid

  • user Anjelica Aguas apkdeer profile image
    4 months ago Anjelica Aguas

    Good game but, i dont like the paying for the game part.. It should be pay per category i believe is better.