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Video Crop

Video Cropper Application helps you to crop video and remove unwanted portion of video.
Very easy to use, just drag and scale part of video that you want to can crop video for instagram.

How to use?

- Select Gallery video.
- Set Crop position with width and height.
- Click on Crop Video.
- Preview and share video.
- Video Cropper for instagram. you can share directly in instagram with out Crop.

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Hardy Johnston

well,,, i was looking for a very simple and easy to use tool to crop videos,, this app does just that. i use it for that one purpose and thats all i ask for. and because it works for that, i give it high marks

Anne Kirlin

The latest \"update\" broke/worsened three things. 1. App can no longer delete videos it makes (using the delete feature turns the file into a corrupt file instead). 2. Fewer dimension options (I used 4:5 quite a bit). 3. Cropper window is partially obscured by timeline, making precise crops a guessing game. Disappointing they had to go in and stir the pot when it worked fine before. Also the new UI is hideous.

Woodrow Cremin

I wish there was an option to type time values for the video as its painful to crop it to a certain time it is a longer video. Other than that, it does its job well.

Mr. Giovanni Treutel DVM

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Miss Estrella Carter

it worked I guess lol, everything was understandable, I knew which button to press and it was easy to crop my video. The app honestly seemed a little sketchy but it doesn't preform like a bad one. I would use it again :)

Watson Farrell

its ok, Great quality cropping, but if you have a small scene in your video at the end it cuts it out. it also has crazy ads everywhere but overall its a good app for videos

Gwen Ruecker

after each croping you should leave the app and open it again! but it has all raito! also cause of bad UI you cant see whole screen when you are cropping! tanx

Alexandrine Ankunding

it was good with the crooping but it makes the video laggy and i know it not my phone making it lile that becuse it was perfectly fine before i used this app🙄to another app i go🤷🏾✌🏾

Yesenia Sawayn

I can't even come up with a word to describe this application.It's literally the best thing ever.If ya'll don't have it installed,you should definitely do it.

Stacy Spencer

I love this app I give it a 5 star becuase all of the other apps make you pay but this wonderful app doesn't sorry if I am using app a lot but hopefully you get what I am saying