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Flight Board

Easy to read flight board. A flight status tracker both for departures and arrivals.

The app will find out the nearest large airport against your position.

In departures mode, it will display the flight board with the upcoming departures : you can check out at a glance the departure gate of your flight.

If you are to pick up relatives, switch to 'arrivals' mode to check actual arrival time and terminal. As passenger you may also check the baggage claim area.

You can use the powerful airport search engine to switch airport. More than 1000 large airports are available.

Permissions : we are concerned by privacy. You will only be requested to grant coarse location permission. You may deny and head to the airport search feature.

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Lilla Glover

Default set to London. Can't change it and settings is only a time format. No real settings in settings tab. Doesn't work at all. Doesn't help with flight times.

Brandyn Strosin

Easy, intuitive, informative. Departures and arrivals are sorted by time with a visual on delays and new time. One click and you get all the details. However, falls short of its former self. The updated version, in comparison to the older version that we paid for, simply sucks. Don't know why the developer sucked all the good things out of this app.

Orville Mueller

It is the best and free. Thank you. I have purchased other apps and the developers add gimmicks and force one to pay over and over again. Hope you remain honourable. Just one issue. The flight information is restricted to a few hours (2-3) in advance.

Dr. Lacey Dickinson IV

You can not filter or search for specific airlines out of the airport. It appears the apple version you can. This app could really be a great app if the just put a few features on it that the apple version has.

Margie Barrows

great except for adverts which actually encourage me to never buy the product being advertised ever. advertising doesnt work with me, never has, never will!

Colton Champlin

used to be a great app. went to it today and it works much worse than it did even a year ago. never seen an app's functionality go backwards before. much less intuitive. uninstalling and looking for something better

Maybell Pagac MD

edit below: usually useless! It's just after midnight and it is showing me flights from yesterday afternoon. How helpful is that? yes I did a restart. yes I reach owes my airport. yes this has happened multiple times. still though, two stars for potential. This would be a great app if it worked for me on my Android. Again just after midnight, the refresh brings up tomorrow afternoon into. Still though, I added a star as it works great before midnight... kind of like Cinderella .

Mrs. Ruth Eichmann

This application is garbage compared to what the old flight board used to be. Whoever wrote the app must not be in the airline industry it just has very little usable information.

Holden Pacocha

it is an awesome tool this app. it helps a lot in finding when your flight will leave and the gate number thanks a lot

Sonia Cummerata

Nice app for letting you know the status of your flight, anywhere around the world.