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Jewels Track - Match 3 Puzzle apk

Download Jewels Track - Match 3 Puzzle apk for free.

Jewels Track - Match 3 Puzzle apk icon

Jewels Track - Match 3 Puzzle

Try to blast as many jewels as you can to get great explosion. Compete and share the fun with your family and friends, show your best strategic moves to get higher score.

Key Ingredients
✦ 336 new and sparkling jewel levels in different map scenes: Quartz Canyon, Amethyst Oasis, Jewels Mill, Sapphire Citadel, Gems Isle
✦ Challenging but fun obstacles: mud, ice cube, crystal, stone, etc.
✦ Swap to match 3 or more jewels of the same
✦ Match 4 or more gems to get special bonus
✦ Use powerful props to enjoy explosive fun
✦ Reach various targets to level up
✦ Addictive and everlasting match 3 gameplay

Get ready for an epic puzzle matching adventure with Jewels Track!

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Westley Dickens

I am really hooked, level 5 now , game 40. But got stuck here. I miss a bit of a guide. I see one part screen already empty of jewels and they don't fill in. Still really great game, but: Level 7, game 216, I was going to earn more points in one of the games offered, instead of my reward, I returned to my game to see my points were used for buying the props, equally each one received one use, but I didn't click such choice at all and plus one of my hammer uses was gone (was 2, went to 1 use)

Dr. Raina Gerhold IV

A bad copy of Candy Crush Saga. Without any bonuses and extras. A very stupid and boring game. There may be a virus too - very quickly drains the battery.

Augusta Turner

The ads are a mess. The 30 second ad turns into 45 since it won't run or gets stuck. These games are not fun they are frustrating. We play a game to watch an ad that wants the player to play another game to watch ads. All of these ads to pay developers and we are the free testers. I want to get paid to test the games.

Alf Heaney Sr.

All was going fine and dandy until I encountered the lava stone thingy that eats away your gem if you dont eradicate the bunch quickly. It reminds me of scabs, fungi, and tyropophobia at the same time. I couldnt get past the last grand canyon level without getting the heebie jeebies, even tho I tried to stomach is as long as I could. Last night, I had a nightmare that my hands got covered in little white black dots that grows fungi the more you scratch. So thanks for activating a new phobia.

Ethel Marquardt PhD

On Sky Geyser board there are 556 levels to unlock to advance to next board. Every other board only has 48 levels. I'm committed to seeing it through but what gives?!?! Im on Sky Geyser level 460. I think I've been playing this game for months and sometimes it takes me over a week to get off a single level and other days I crush over 16 no sweat.

Clementine Morissette

Games ok for awhile but adds are annoying. Also alot of times the jewels move the wrong way when swiped. got to level 5-40 and been stuck there for days. Disappointing to make it so far and get stuck without any way out except to keep watching adds to get more moves. To the point that spend more time stuck watching ads than actually playing the game.

Prof. Mathilde Langworth I

right now I am just giving you a three as much as we liked the game because we are stopped on sapphire citadel number 40 makes no sense the basket and saddle will not drop out the bottom and no one will answer our emails. we have to get rid of the game it's ashame also you won't let us down load any games to get bombs that we no doubt need to beat it

Mabelle Torphy

Used to Love it? This game WAS Great and fun... but once you get to \"Gem's Isle level 15\" there is literally NO WAY to win. I have tried EVERY SINGLE THING. there's NO WAY to win the \"diamonds\" that were transformed from something else...smh. I'm deleting it. Why would I keep playing a level that is rigged? It was fun up until that though.

Mr. Dewayne Franecki Sr.

no ads!!! finally a game with no ads, no junk on the screen. no having to pay or wait for energy bars..heck id pay a dollar for games like the good ol days! edit: 1 star. after a couple of games ads start poppin up..

Prof. Berniece Rippin

games okay. i personally like games i can play this one does it for u and i just watch it