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Package Name: com.xxmassdeveloper.mpchartexample

Developer: X.X_Mass_Developer

Category: Free Libraries & Demo Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 3.1.0

Requirements: Android 16 and above

File Size: 3.2M

MPAndroidChart Example App Screenshot
MPAndroidChart Example App Screenshot
MPAndroidChart Example App Screenshot
MPAndroidChart Example App Screenshot
MPAndroidChart Example App Screenshot

MPAndroidChart Example App

This is the example / showcase application for the MPAndroidChart chart library / graph library on GitHub:

The library this app showcases (MPAndroidChart) is designed to create beautiful visual representations.

The core features of the library include:

- Many different chart types: LineChart, BarChart (vertical, horizontal, stacked, grouped), PieChart, ScatterChart, CandleStickChart (for financial data), RadarChart (spider web chart), BubbleChart
- Combined Charts (e.g. lines and bars in one)
- Scaling on both axes (with touch-gesture, axes separately or pinch-zoom)
- Dragging / Panning (with touch-gesture)
- Separate (dual) y-axes
- Highlighting values (with customizeable popup-views)
- Save chart to SD-Card (as image)
- Predefined color templates
- Legends (generated automatically, customizeable)
- Customizeable Axes (both x- and y-axis)
- Animations (build up animations, on both x- and y-axis)
- Limit lines (providing additional information, maximums, ...)
- Listeners for touch, gesture & selection callbacks
- Fully customizeable (paints, typefaces, legends, colors, background, dashed lines, ...)
- mobile database support via MPAndroidChart-Realm library
- Smooth rendering for up to 10.000 data points in Line- and BarChart (tested on a 2014 OnePlus One running Android 6.0)
- Lightweight (method count ~1.4K)
- Available as gradle dependency and via maven
- Widely used, great support on both GitHub and stackoverflow - mpandroidchart
- Also available for iOS: Charts (API works the same way)
- Also available for Xamarin: MPAndroidChart.Xamarin

This project is meant to demonstrate the features of the library and motivate developers to make use of it. This is not an app to create charts.
Editor's Note

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