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VaR's VR Player PRO

The PRO version of VaR's VR Player, the ultimate VR player with full control and all modes to get the most immersive virtual reality experience.


- Head tracking for all devices, with or without gyroscope, with real time response.

- All video modes supported, enjoy any video with your virtual reality headset. 2D or 3D, 180º or 360º, side by side, over under or play like a regular video player with the No VR mode.

- Full control, all parameters you need with an easy to use UI. Eye distance, lens correction, field of view, vertical position, brightness, saturation or aspect ratio among many others.

- Streaming. Take advantage of the new built-in network browser with support for SMB and UPNP or enter any HTTP url.

- VR Controls, enable in the settings screen to adjust all settings with your vision in an immersive way. Even supported in Static modes with the auto-lock feature.

- Image viewer with support for normal and stereoscopic pictures.

- Subtitles in .srt format and multiple audio tracks.

- Remove ads option.

Editor's Note

When you need an application for your device but need it as apk file, you can always visit our website to download it like VaR's VR Player PRO apk. The version of the apk file is 1.20 and decide if you need this version or not. And if you want to know when the apps got an update the last update came on April 24, 2017. You can also check the VaR's Labs if you have any doubt if it is original or fake. After you download the apk file from website please don’t forget to check out other applications we provide you for free and at the highest download speed. Thanks for using our website to download applications.

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Fleta Vandervort

It's the best application so far...after downloading and unintalling a few other similar applications. It gives you wide variety of settings, that helps you adjust according to your requirement irrespective to the format you have or quality of VR headset you've purchased. Unfortunately, it doesn't have enough room left to give the option of adjusting volume (on screen) which can be ignored 😊.

Dr. Rosie Windler

This is the best app for viewing all of you media content from 360, static, and photos. The only thing that would make this complete would be to have a slide show option to include from 1 second to 5 minutes at least. Maybe a pointer to change the picture, but not necessary if it has a slide show option. Where this app shines for me where others fail horribly is the view distance. Every app I've tried, more than 20, this allows for the side by side (SBS) to not only go left and right, but how close the image, or video is. For pictures on other apps it can only go left or right, but this only changes the image to not have double, or overlapping effect, so in effect if you want to see the whole image, or video you have to move the goggles to do so. With this app, there is a nifty slider to pull the image/video closer, or further away to fit your needs of viewing. If it's dark, just lighten it up with the brightness slider. This app has every feature that 10 apps combined can't produce, and more, except the slide show option. I got rid of the adds, which are not obnoxious like most are, but WELL worth the price. I hope that this app continues to develop, and hope to see a slide show option become available one day. If it does I'll delete the one picture viewing app I'm using now just for the slide show, which CAN'T adjust the viewing distance to allow you to see the whole picture. Only stretch, crop, or normal. Please add it if possible. 5☆'s for it now, because it's so versatile. Cheers!

Amina Cassin

Without instructions, i was hoping for a user-friendly ap. When I click on the network devices that show up from the\"scan\", all it does it display a folder icon. Clicking on that just returns me to the scan. There also isn't a USB support option that i could find, and even entering my computer's ip manually didn't help. So i clicked on the link for the website .. and it tried to force me to add an extension to my chrome browser; which seemed shady. So I canceled it. This apo doesn't work on my Blu Vivo 5r Android phone. And that's frustrating because I've spent hours trying to find one that does.

Mr. Fletcher Muller DDS

Freaking Awesome!!! Of all the players i have sifted through...this is the easiest and most comprehensive yet. Anyone can easily dial it in to exactly what you want as far as clarity ans viewing area. whoever wrote this should be consulted by major and minor companies because they've done figured it out and packaged it simply for clowns like me!!! Thank you from me and the kids who are tired of taking our ohones out of the viewer to make the simplest changes. Fulk Dive should sit up and notice!

Margarete Veum

Great app. Use accelerometer instead of gyroscope sensor. It is great help for non gyro phone user. 360 view can be seen easily. Only problem is that it can not play online video. One have to download the video before seeing in this player.

Juvenal Bradtke PhD

Requires a lot of tweaking to get the perspective right. But only feature I wish it had is the ability to queue up multiple videos in a row. Having to remove it from my headset between clips is disorienting and tends to mess up my settings

Winston Fahey MD

Good app but it automatically and randomly shift video left or right in small offsets during playback. I need to center multiple times during one video and it kills the enjoyment. I'll give 5 stars after this is fixed.

Cierra Beer

I have used many VR apps just to get the perfect settings according to my VR box and Smartphone but no app meet my expectations... but at last... I FOUND THIS... And this is... Very good.... Using this... You can get best view for you video just after simple modifications. Trust me... THIS IS BEST.

Alexa Tromp

I think it's one off the best VR app's out there. Its literally so easy to use and gives the user the tru VR experience. Don't take my word for it? Try it yourselves you'll see what I'm talking about!!! Simply Awesome.

Amber Schmitt

interface is really bad with constant flashing shiny buttons everywhere. I got 3 ads just going to the settings. Privacy policy link is dead.