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Package Name: com.flashseats.v2

Developer: Flash Seats, LLC

Category: Free Entertainment Apps

Publish Date:

Version: 1.10.2

Requirements: Android 19 and above

File Size: 18M

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Flash Seats

Flash Seats® Mobile App: The Future of Ticketing Today™
The Flash Seats® Mobile App makes it easier for you to discover, buy, sell and transfer your tickets on-the-go. You can even enter your events with a Mobile ID through the app on your phone! Simplify your ticket experience with Flash Seats® mobile!

- Enter events with convenience:
The ONLY mobile ticketing application that lets you enter events and buy, sell, or transfer tickets, all from your phone. The Flash Seats Mobile App provides you with a secure, unique, 2D barcode that is scanned to get you into events. No tickets to bring, no ID to remember—just show your phone and you’re in!

- Discover and Buy guaranteed tickets instantly:
Find your favorite artists or team nearby or in another location. Browse the listings that meet your needs, find the seats you want, pay for them, and you’re all set! Tickets you buy from Flash Seats are guaranteed and are instantly added to your account.

- Transfer Tickets
Want to give your tickets to a family member or friend? It’s as simple as selecting the tickets you would like to transfer and entering the recipient’s email address. Change your mind later? You can retract the transfer if your recipient hasn't accepted it.

- Sell Tickets
Can't make it to an event? List your tickets for sale using the mobile app. In as few as 2 taps, your tickets are available for viewing by thousands of others looking to buy. Retract your listing at any time, and the tickets are ready for you to attend the event.
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  • 2 days ago Sarah Ortiz

    doesn't work

  • 2 days ago Dalton Zerlan

    I agree with many/most people here.Having to download an app for concert tickets is bull$hit and yet another $hitty money grab by people.The permissions this app requires likely results in your information being sold to who the hell knows, who then sells it to who the hell knows, and so on.GUTS ticketing and GET Protocol are much better for this sort of thing. To be fair, I didn't have any issues with the app's functionality.I downloaded it, took a *screen shot* of the tickets, and deleted it.

  • 3 days ago Eric Jenkins


  • 1 week ago David Hightower

    waste of time. after registering with the app setting up everything I was unable to pay for my tickets even after trying three different credit cards.

  • 1 week ago JCT Racing

    needs more options to change account info and card info

  • 2 weeks ago Jose Sanchez


  • 2 weeks ago Benjamin Coppin

    super buggy. it constantly freezes, and wont show Real Salt Lake tickets even if my location is correct...(it does allow me to see the utah royals...)

  • 2 weeks ago Tyshae Price

    love it

  • 2 weeks ago Manny Me

    I was hoping for more options, I don't like that you have to rely on your phone, what if it gets lost or discharged or gets wet or someone stole, when u can have a simple piece of paper that says you're in. Sure my phone isn't working but I'm still inside enjoying the show.

  • 3 weeks ago Connor Humphries

    worst customer service ever. the app froze my tickets and wouldn't let me attend the game until an hour into it. wouldn't open on any device. I couldn't go to the event so I called that night the agent couldn't help so I called the next day to find out what they will do for me since I couldn't go to the game. they are still trying to figure out what happened 1 month later and will not reimburse me until they find out if I am I guess telling the truth...