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Kingdom Wars

Easy to Play! Focused on Level up and Strategy!
Win the war against the Evil Army! Save the Kingdom!
Various Characters and Stages!

- Over 400 various stages
- Over 200 unique allies and enemy units
- Over 100 allies units have their unique Limit-break looks
- Collect treasures in each stages and trigger various option effects
- Play differently and strategically with 6 kind of Booster Items


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Braden VonRueden

Please indicate what are the changes you made in every update. Add chapter 8 onwards. Increase gold as the stage and chapter increases. Add rank 22 and above on PVP. Add more characters. Increase the current maximum castle HP of 270000 to extend pvp fights andI wish that there could be a way to challenge the higher rank players on PVP or put a guild.

Abbey Effertz

I like this game. Ive been playing for a week and the game is getting more exciting. Im trying to get the legend items now to make the charcaters to become more powerful. The PVP is challenging for there are some players with greater attributes and characters that I also want to have. Very nice game.

Matteo Hintz

Good game i enjoy it i wasted more than 10000 jewles but i still havent got a single legend unit and i saved this game from setting, i was at 3rd chapters 50 something level and i loaded it next day it again send me back to chapter 2 stage 75. what i uninstalled it and install again it didnt work. This game is bad mainly it is no updated well i used to play lots of hour but this game just put me back to stage 2. I upgraded so many units and castle and collect the items but also i am fan of this💘

Mya Gutmann

Game is kind of buggy and after a recent update, freezes often. Pretry repititious and most of the battoes I just play on auto. Seems like there was a nerf to how much gold you can earn from grinding levels.

Elisabeth Parker

Amazing Game, ive been looking for a game similar to this one. The only thing was this game had way more to offer! The game has alot of customization and upgrading to keep you busy destroying enemy castles. I am truly pleased with the developers, they did s amazing job. The game does have ads but what game doesnt have ads thats free and bad ass like this one...i watch everyone of them because you grt rewarded and extra gifts for doing it! so there you have it! Download it Now!!🔥🤘❤🤤

Mrs. Kathleen Bruen II

One of the best games ever!Its a game that seems so old school but is so freaking awesome and knighty and cool and just epic!Thank you for whoever made this amazing game,you rock!

Norris Hoppe

started off as a fun game so i figured i spend some money on it try to get a little ahead. Now this game does nothing but freeze and shut down i cant play it for more then 5 minutes at a time before it messes up i dont recommend this game to anybody and if you spend money on it then you should have just flushed it down the toliet along with the damn game all the money and time and i cant even play the damn thing. Fix your game!

Alexander McLaughlin II

Good game, but the power stone system is so dissapointed, its too Hard to get them, and only gave (x-y) point each stone, its not effective at all.. why dont u Just make it to (x) for each stone...

Grace Osinski

3 stars for the fact that most of your stuff resembles Battle Cats Cat God's Miracles Even the 3x stronger than arrow cannon (Cat cannon) Treasures ur second unit having an area attack and is supposed to be a tank like Tank cat Instead of a Cat givin tips u have a girl even the strong against is the same

Saul Robel

Loved the game play, the only issue is about, upgrades are annoying , could be better if you lowered the cost of upgrades.or Otherwise it makes me feels like the developers are more concerned in making profits..