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The Tribez: Build a Village

The Tribez is not just a game where you build a farm! The Tribez is an adventure where you travel to a distant past full of secrets, mysteries, and many hours of addictive exploration of an unknown, but beautiful world! You are invited to visit a primitive world inhabited by a peace-loving people, who have been hidden beyond a miles-deep portal from time immemorial. Build your own stone-age village, explore territorieshidden by mountains and seas, farm fertile lands, and lead your tribe, which considers you sent by the gods, to prosperity. The Tribez is a world in which you feel alive!

✔ This game works when you’re offline too – play it on a plane, in the subway or in the car. Enjoy!
✔ Simple, intuitive controls.
✔ Adorable characters you’ll love! Meet the farmer, the builder, the tax collector, and many others!
✔ A beautiful vibrant world you'll be immersed into instantly.
✔ Lively animations make the prehistoric world come to life. You’ll be mesmerized by how the crops growon the farm and how the builders work on construction sites.
✔ Tons of items, characters, buildings, and decorations.
✔ Truly inexhaustible possibilities to develop your own stone-age empire by producing goods, increasingyour population, expanding your borders and attempting to farm the best lands.
✔ Hundreds of captivating quests: search for treasure and artifacts, discover distant islands, explore mysterious caves, grow unusual crops on your farm, and much, much more!

The game uses in-app purchases. In-app purchases can speed up gameplay.

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Victor Johns DVM

Daily updates have ruined this game. they used to sporadic. Now it is daily and the updates take longer and longer. Also Constantly trying to make you purchase had become beyomd annoying. Everytime you click on a different item in your village, it prompts you to buy something new. i understand that games require money, but give the consumer a break

Timothy Lind

this game is great but lately when I play and build something or open up a new place and then exit the game it reverts back to way before I done that action. then it completely crashed and set me back to the start again. I finally got back to a decent level but it keeps deleting the previous events I had already done. fix this and I'll give a 5 star

Selina Bosco

I have played this almost since it first came out. In love! My only complaint is that its rediculously difficult to get crystals and the tornados are absolutely bizzar! There shouldn't be so many in just a couple minutes and taking all of the money just to get rid of them for a split second.

Alda McClure III

Super adorable. Great graphics. Enjoy the little folks but I don't see any little cave women running about helping, it's just men. Where are they? Laughed when I accidently picked up a little fella. He dangled there and said, 'Hey.' Too funny!

Ms. Ocie Bernier

Great game, I've been playing for a very long time and still didn't get bored of it. However, now I am facing a problem: I've reached max level 180 happiness and I can't build more residential structures as they require level 181 happiness (which doesn't exist). Please increase happiness limit. Thank you in advance

Carmel Kuphal

I enjoy the game but do get frustrated as it's hard to make progress unless you are willing to spend money on it. For example I want to build more farms for my workers, but you have to constantly upgrade your main building, which I can't do because my storage house doesn't hold the amount required to upgrade the upgrade the storage, But then I'm missing suplies that the game does not tell you how to get.... Other than buy it. I then build two storage houses, but the game only uses 1

Madyson Skiles DDS

It's an enjoyable and cute game, but it unfortunately has a lot of bugs. While each update fixes something, a new bug appears just as quickly. the current bug is that the game doesn't save half of the time, even when exiting properly. Super frustrating to start deals in all buildings, return after a few hours and find out nothing happened!

Prof. Deshawn Watsica

An addictive game, and quite fun. But the interface is quite cluttered. All structures that can be levelled up have these signs above them all the time and once you have a full village, the screen is completely crowded. Other similar games show much neater interfaces. It's also quite fiddly to move structures. The developers need to look into these.

Kirk Daugherty

I have been playing this game for awhile now. I've noticed that a couple of my buildings have just been vanishing. I know I didn't destroy them, and they all were upgraded with diamonds to decrease the insane time to develop items. Not happy at all. I'm thinking of just uninstalling.

Dr. Orlo Fritsch PhD

game crashed on tablet so I managed to get it on the phone and kept my save but now cannot connect to Google play to backup my save. I then started over on tablet and after 2 days of playing I updated the game and now same problem game crashed before loading. I am done with the game. I originally gave it 5 star which I have now reduced to 1 star. I have spent far too much time trying to get it working time to move on.