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Animal Forest : Fuzzy Seasons

Furry friends enter Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest and eventually graduate! You are the owner of the garden!

How will you treat the animals during their year-long stay in your garden?
When it's time for your fur-iends to graduate, will you be able to smile and let them go?

Come play Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest, a relaxing simulation game where you can look after the cutest animals!

♥♥Game Features♥♥
▶This game was critically acclaimed for a reason! This relaxing game was the 2017 BIC winner!
▶ Have fun with unique animals living in a forest garden!
▶ Are you ready to meet the furriest, funniest animals on the planet?
- A binge-watcher Fox!
- A gloomy Panda?
- A fawning Fennec Fox?
- A super laid-back Sloth?
▶ An emotional graduation day Say goodbye to your graduating animals!
▶ Play Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest, a truly heartwarming and relaxing game!

♥♥How to Play♥♥
Follow the instructions given by Naroo and have fun looking after the animals in the beautiful forest garden.
- You can pet, feed, and give attention to the animals
Participate in the different monthly competitions.
- You can join a weight contest, dating contest, and comedy contest
Accomplish missions and invite new animals to the garden.
Decorate the forest garden.
Send the animals to graduation when the time has come and watch them graduate!

♥Fuzzy Seasons: Animal Forest donates some of the game's proceeds to improve children's welfare.♥

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Zachariah Thiel

i admit it this is a cute and relaxing and great time killer game but... its kinda monotonous :( i mean, i almost get all the animal and some of my animal have graduates 3-4 times... i wonder what will i do if i finish collecting all the animal ? should i keep playing the game or uninstall it :( i love the game but please make an update or whatever to make this game still enjoyable to play developer, thank you :)

Abbigail Grant

The CUTEST game I've EVER played! The animals are cute, the quests are cute, and the chef Bahbah, my favorite character, is cute! The game has some sad parts, but still ITS SOOO CUTE!!! I've only played it for a few hours and I'm IN LOVE with it. Try it out and if you do like it please support the game developer because they worked so hard on this wonderful game.

Paul Hamill

When I first recieved the letter you gave me developer, I was glad to know that this game takes time. So thank you so much for adding that note in the game! On the other hand, I absolutely love this game its like taking care of pets! Which I lost and never had... But, Im so happy that you created this game! It gives me overall true happiness! So Thank You! And Have A Wonderful Day!

Elaina O'Keefe

I quite like this game. There are a few things I wish could be improved upon. Example... I wish I could adjust the time settings. It's difficult when your days and nights are flipped to feed at the right time. Also when saving, it would be better if there was an option to save without replacing the last saved spot. It's always nice to have a few options. Mostly I just enjoy playing!💕

Prof. Colby Wyman

This is one of the best games or apps I have ever gotten. The art style is very cute, and the quests mean more playability along with taking care of the animals. He small contests are also very fun to do because it gives us more time to interact and find new out new things In the game. 10 out of 10 game or app. idk what to call it :3

Athena Schultz

I find this game absolutely amazing! The intro is fairly long, but that's okay because it explains everything you need to know in order to play. Unlike other games, the intro isn't boring because it helps you get your first fuzzy creatures and ends with the graduation. This is a great way to spend time.

Lila Sanford

It's cute and fun. But, I've been playing for a while (I'm in year 6 and each year is about 12 days), but it's kinda monotonous. There are the same five quests to do, the same contests. Its great at the beginning but doesn't really have long term playability.

Grayce Schamberger

this game is the best! its well made I played it for an entire day the only thing I'm thinking of is that I'm still in school so feeding time might be a little hard; if there was like some kind of setting where you can change it for you to be able to fit in time, it would make me less stress about the animals

Abigayle Bradtke

very cute and addictive. but recently it has been crashing frequently. it just crashed again and the 90 seeds that had been earned from game were gone. also have to keep rewatching ads as they simply freeze there. pls help to fix it? thanks!

Prof. Glenna Spencer Jr.

This is an amazing game! I actually watched someone play it so then I decided too play it because it looked fun and I was right! This game is really fun! I really hope others agree with me, and maybe you could make more! It would make my day if you did, so please consider it! Anyways I hope you have a great day!